The President of the United States, Democratic Senators, Congressmen, and mainstream journalists have called us terrorists, suicide bombers, insane and racists because we actually want to keep our health insurance and doctors, and want other people to do the same.

It somehow is considered illegitimate and terroristic that we are willing to use lawful and constitutional legislative authority in the form of the House’s funding power to offset Democrats’ power in the Senate and Executive Branch.

Elections matter, and Republicans control the House. Those elections matter just as much as elections for the Presidency and Senate.

As Laurel pointed out earlier, Democratic rhetoric is so extreme from the highest political levels that it now amounts to schoolyard taunts.

We’re not talking left-wing blogs,, or Occupy Wall Street anymore.

We are hearing the most extreme rhetoric from Barack Obama, Dan Pfeiffer, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Dick Durbin, Chuck Schumer and a cast of hundreds in the Democratic Party and mainstream media.

I’d like to say that Democrats risk tearing at the fabric of our society, but there is very little fabric left to tear once the most senior Democrats have gone rhetorically where they have gone in the past two weeks.

Democrats are creating the eliminationist narrative they falsely have been accusing Republicans of creating.

Look in the mirror, folks, you are what you accuse us of being.

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