That is not, of course, how the media frames the narrative.

The narrative relentlessly is that Republicans want to shut down government.

We’ll see how this plays out (I think I know).

Via CBS News:

House Republicans advanced a bill on Friday that would continue funding the government at current spending levels for nearly three months but would strip money appropriated to fund Obamacare, following through on months of threats and inviting the prospect of a government shutdown if the Senate, as expected, does not accede to the House’s decision before an Oct. 1 deadline.

The bill was passed on a largely party line vote, with 228 Republicans and two Democrats voting in favor of passage. 188 Democrats and one Republican were opposed.

Immediately after the vote concluded, House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, and much of the Republican conference held a rally at the Capitol to celebrate.

MSNBC is staying completely on message:

MSNBC shutdown


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