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Will Obama and Harry Reid shut down the government over Obamacare?

Will Obama and Harry Reid shut down the government over Obamacare?

Why are Democrats holding the nation hostage to Obamacare?

That is not, of course, how the media frames the narrative.

The narrative relentlessly is that Republicans want to shut down government.

We’ll see how this plays out (I think I know).

Via CBS News:

House Republicans advanced a bill on Friday that would continue funding the government at current spending levels for nearly three months but would strip money appropriated to fund Obamacare, following through on months of threats and inviting the prospect of a government shutdown if the Senate, as expected, does not accede to the House’s decision before an Oct. 1 deadline.

The bill was passed on a largely party line vote, with 228 Republicans and two Democrats voting in favor of passage. 188 Democrats and one Republican were opposed.

Immediately after the vote concluded, House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, and much of the Republican conference held a rally at the Capitol to celebrate.

MSNBC is staying completely on message:

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What a biased headline.

The headline should be something like, “House passes budget without Obamacare, President vows to shutdown government over it.”

As we all know, The MSM is so capable when it comes to reporting tragedies, that even John Stuart had to call ’em on it:

So, if they can’t get facts from their reporters on daily news stories, how do you expect them to get a political story correct?

“Will Obama and Harry Reid shut down the government over Obamacare?”

Yes! Not the best question, IMHO.

“Immediately after the vote concluded, House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, and much of the Republican conference held a rally at the Capitol to celebrate.”

Celebrate what? A silly symbolic act that he and the majority will cave on in no time?

Anyone holding out hope that any of this matters is delusional. We will all just have to wait until Republicans control both houses and the Presidency. It sucks, but so did the Carter years. The time will come, but it is not now because the Democrats (Pelosi and Dirty Harry) have demonstrated that they have bigger balls than Boehner and Cantor.

    Carol Herman in reply to DriveBy. | September 20, 2013 at 5:20 pm

    Pope Francis just showed the way you open up the “big tent.” By not getting sucked in and stuck on dogma.

    It’s also like a casino. A lot of the members of both parties in Congress are very aware of the hostilities generated in BOTH parties with ObamaCare. (For instance, if you need an example, UNIONS don’t like it! Workers who are losing coverage at all sorts of places … From Walgreen’s. To Home Depot. To all the other employers who’ve cut deeply into health coverage plans.)

    IN OTHER WORDS: Plenty of Americans are discovering … through their own pocketbooks, what’s at stake, now, with ObamaCare. It’s a vast number of people.

I don’t know…. seems the main streamers are getting more balanced. There weren’t any reports of Boehner ripping the limbs off babies and eating them raw and talking with his mouth full to one of the Kotch brothers.

when republicans do what they were sent to do they are evil doers.
when dems do what they were sent to do they are following the wishes of their constituents.

funny huh?
title should be representatives did what their constituents sent them to do, will senate and obama disenfranchise the voters?

    gadfly in reply to dmacleo. | September 20, 2013 at 5:40 pm

    Your party has obsessed about destroying Obamacare from the beginning and you have FAILED every single time though you’ve tried countless times. Now stop wasting the taxpayers money and move on. And if you can’t move on, at least don’t crash the economy into the ground like petulant little children who don’t get their way. C’mon Tea Party. You’re better than that.

Political move. And, an interesting one. Since Boehner now sees his “lock” on the majority office may have been eroding? He wants to guarantee come 2014 he doesn’t have to hand the gavel back to Pelosi.

Another lesson that would be good to learn comes from Pope Francis. Who understands “purity” (like positions on gay marriage, and abortions), only undercuts his stock of Catholics. Where fewer and fewer adherents come into the pews. His move was BRILLIANT! He said his message is all about love. And, sinners are welcomed in. (Since everyone, in one way or another, is a sinner.)

The problem with ObamaCare is that it nationalizes health care. It gives the government ALL your records. And, it shoots “privacy” dead.

How many Amendments have we lost: 1st. 2nd. 4th. 5th. And, 6th. (The 3rd is where you’d have to house troops in your home. Hardly an issue these days, where landlords would welcome the traffic.)

Through endless precedent, President Obama and Leader Reid have every reason to believe the Republicans will back down.

Since the ouster of Tom Delay the Republican Party has shown neither the inclination nor aptitude to implement a coordinated policy to counteract the inevitable Democratic caterwauling and carefully coordinated press campaign.

For this one, they have a simple tagline: BLAME BARACK. Alas the Republicans are too anemic for this kerfuffle. Speaker Boehner merely seeks to undo some of the support he lost with his caucus over Syria.

You know what I think happened? On June 7th Glenn Greenwald’s article hit the presses, worldwide. And, around this globe people woke up to the treachery involved in America turning itself into a Big Brother “eyes on everybody” assault on freedom.

ObamaCare was always getting flack. But this “signature” item of Obama’s is turning into a democratic nightmare! This is why Boehner is taking a stand. The GOP has the majority in the House. While in the senate there’s gonna be a fierce fight in 2014, over all the seats that open.

Americans are still a “bunch of irregulars,” as we were at Bunker Hill. Back then George III in England thought if he just walloped us with “one good lesson” the colonists would bend their knees to the “king” with “all the power.”

It didn’t turn out that way, back then.

Is ObamaCare on the ropes?

Well, are you willing to shed your Constitutional Amendment Rights so the Fed’s reach can go global?

Boehner surely knows his ties! Every time he’s photographed, you can pick him out from the crowd. Gosh, he can even wear pink, and make it look good.

Will ObamaCare survive? (Aren’t the political cretins more worried about their own political careers? And, what comes out at the end of the tunnel. When the whole House is up for grabs.)

We will be hearing a lot of yammering about the lawless Congress, doing what it has the authority to do, along with the repeated refrain “It’s the law”.

But we won’t hear “It’s the law” with regard to Obama’s specious override of the Arms Control Export Act.

NC Mountain Girl | September 20, 2013 at 3:27 pm

Look at what has happened on gun control. The media jumped on the Washington Naval Yard shootings as an excuse for mendacious outcome based journalism. Now Rasmussen reports support for more gun control is at the lowest it has been in a year.

The Democrat media alliance broke the bond of trust with the voters. They can cavil as they like on this issue but it is falling on fewer ears each day.

The polls already show majorities will blame Republicans for a shutdown, and this is before the major PR push by Obama and his media even begins.

We’ve never won a shutdown, and won’t be starting now. In 1995, most of the appropriations bills had passed already, so less than half the discretionary spending was affected – the defense budget had been signed into law. This year, nothing has been passed at all.

Obama will bring the pain. No pay for military families, no federal aid to schools on schedule, no contractor payments. He doesn’t care who suffers or how much, he only cares about winning.

He wants and needs a shutdown to save his Administration from his floundering around. Even leftist Democrats are beginning to desert him. Obama needs a rallying cry, a clarion call to arms to reunite his coalition and have some power for the next three years.

We should not be helping him just to attempt to score some political points.

    sequester in reply to Estragon. | September 21, 2013 at 10:10 am

    Victory is possible and achievable. The words are simple. Every Republican should say BLAME BARACK. Shout it until it resonates in the ears of every American and every low information voter. Then shout it some more. The answer to every question from a Democratic reporter is BLAME BARACK.

    For additional talking points one can mention that if Barack Bows to dictators, he should not be Don Veto Corlone with Republicans. He should at least negotiate. All we are asking is that he treat us with the same respect he treats Morsi.

    To achieve victory one must be willing and prepared to engage in battle. The Republicans have shown no signs that they are capable of unified and coordinated action that will result in victory.

    That’s a shame. This is an eminently winnable fight for a unified Party willing to do battle. But one needs a winning team. The Republicans are no better than the 1962 Mets right now.

PersonFromPorlock | September 20, 2013 at 4:45 pm

It only requires the Republicans to say, flatly, repeatedly and directly to the public whenever they’re on live TV, that it’s the Democrats shutting down the government. They could say things like “You want national parks to stay open? Here’s the money for national parks in this bill the Democrats won’t let us pass.”

Of course, that only requires the Republican leadership to develop a backbone….

Drudge devotes his center headline to Ted Cruz. In da’ senate. Either Harry Reid gets the votes for “cloture.” Or the GOP senators “grow a pair” … and 41 of them stand together to filibuster this thing.

No question Harry Reid knows how to get things his way. Because he knows what he has to give to each senator to “get that vote.”

I don’t think ObamaCare ever polled well among us citizens. While the DC crowd basically ignores the rest of us.

So, the story will be followed.

Only IF ObamaCare goes … does Obama’s reputation fly out the window. Harry Reid is going to make sure all the windows are shut. (He probably also thinks most of the GOP are “pod people.”)

Obama will negotiate on his red line, but not on his hated Obamacare. Reid and Obama are the only ones holding us hostage to the shutdown.

Maybe Boehner should use Obama’s line … we’ll fund everything else, but Obama has broken Obamacare law with numerous illegal exemptions and changes. If you want to fix Obamacare, let’s have that debate, after we fund essential government services. Don’t hold America hostage.

this is one minute with Obama’s “I will not negotiate, except with Syria”

Cruz says depending how Reid proceeds, the House could send stand alone measures back like “Funding for Military”, and make Reid say no to that. It soon becomes clear it is the Democrats that are using the threat of shut down. Everything is “dead on arrival” unless the get no debate funding on Obamacare.

The argument that “It’s the law of the land” is bogus since Obama has exempted friends and changed terms. He only has power to uphold the law, not change law. afaik

Obama, as usual wants bi-partisanship.

Bi-partisan means you give me everything I want and I insult you and call you names.

Otherwise, he gets really nasty and he and the MSM threaten your children

Just like Obama didn’t mind looking weak in trade for an escape from his Syrian Folly, perhaps he won’t mind delaying or reorganizing Obamacare to bail him and the Dems out of the political nightmare that implementation has turned into.

Look, I was a boxer age 6-21. You don’t know how your opponent takes a punch until you punch him. Putin did not hesitate and found a glass jaw.

To the GOP House and Senate members, I say this:

The Dems and Obama are married to Obamacare and control the Senate and the White House. You GOP Congress members – do what you were sent to do in 2010 by Tea Party members and a sea of supporters who believe pretty much the same and vote that way – stop Obamacare. Do what you said you would do while you were campaigning – stop Obamacare. The House controls the purse strings. This is your power – USE IT. Defund Obamacare, fight it, use everything in the tool chest, just do not give up. The Dems and Obama very badly want Obamacare to stick and work, and they have defended it like a mother defends a sick child. But the stumbling implementation of Obamacare is hurting them badly and it will only get worse. There is room to work them.

Liberal/Dems do not fight well. They do everything possible to avoid a fight. They declare all issues settled – in their favor. No need to fight. But we know Obama can’t take a punch. He doesn’t even see them coming in. Politically, legislatively, and media-messaging-wise pound them as hard as you can.

I will honor and respect the GOP in the event of a hard-fought loss, but I hold zero respect, nothing but contempt, for those who promise to fight then refuse when the bell rings.

Boehner is a backstabbing, corrupt loser. And he will always be one.

Suddenly grown a pair, only because the Tea Party is scaring him more than Obama?

Look for him to again stab the Tea Party in the back and run to Obama to sell us out.

Send this guy out the Loser’s Pasture and be done with it. Then, we can move on and try to undo the damage Boehner has done as Squeaker of the House.

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