James Rosen of Fox News sketched the image below while waiting for Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov to appear before reporters.

Rosen tried to parlay it into an exclusive interview, but no luck, via AP:

Then Fox News television correspondent James Rosen reached over and handed Lavrov a cartoon portrait he had sketched to while away the time on his notepad. Taking the paper, Lavrov studied it intensely: “The one in the French media was much more nasty,” he pronounced, before asking “Why did you darken my nose?”

“There were no implications,” Rosen replied, before assuring the Russian foreign minister he could keep it in return for an interview.

Visibly pleased with the drawing, Lavrov folded it up and put it in his breast pocket. “I wouldn’t be able to give you an interview worthy of this,” he replied, provoking a storm of laughter.

(Russian FM Sergei Lavrov, sketched by James Rosen)

(Russian FM Sergei Lavrov, sketched by James Rosen)

Equally interesting in the story was how “comfortable” Lavrov was with the press, in sharp contrast to John Kerry:

And then in one extraordinary moment, Lavrov slipped unannounced into the back of a ballroom in a Geneva hotel where the world’s press was camped out Saturday and cozied up to a group of women journalists from his travelling pool for a chat.

The Russians know how to live.  Putin and Lavrov are enjoying this all way too much.


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