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The Russians know how to live

The Russians know how to live

James Rosen of Fox News sketched the image below while waiting for Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov to appear before reporters.

Rosen tried to parlay it into an exclusive interview, but no luck, via AP:

Then Fox News television correspondent James Rosen reached over and handed Lavrov a cartoon portrait he had sketched to while away the time on his notepad. Taking the paper, Lavrov studied it intensely: “The one in the French media was much more nasty,” he pronounced, before asking “Why did you darken my nose?”

“There were no implications,” Rosen replied, before assuring the Russian foreign minister he could keep it in return for an interview.

Visibly pleased with the drawing, Lavrov folded it up and put it in his breast pocket. “I wouldn’t be able to give you an interview worthy of this,” he replied, provoking a storm of laughter.

(Russian FM Sergei Lavrov, sketched by James Rosen)

(Russian FM Sergei Lavrov, sketched by James Rosen)

Equally interesting in the story was how “comfortable” Lavrov was with the press, in sharp contrast to John Kerry:

And then in one extraordinary moment, Lavrov slipped unannounced into the back of a ballroom in a Geneva hotel where the world’s press was camped out Saturday and cozied up to a group of women journalists from his travelling pool for a chat.

The Russians know how to live.  Putin and Lavrov are enjoying this all way too much.


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Conservative Beaner | September 15, 2013 at 9:33 am

If I were Lavrov or Putin who knew they had the upper hand I would be comfortable as well. It’s just like walking into an exam you know you are going to ace or playing an opponent who has no chance of winning, you know you will enjoy the event.

It’s like an episode of Punked…do the proggies in the US now understand what was meant when Barry was called a rank amateur? Do they still think it was a good idea to make this hack POTUS?

legacyrepublican | September 15, 2013 at 10:10 am

It is easily to look tall and competent when your opponent has their head between their legs kissing their own a**.

Darn good ‘toon, Rosen. I can see and hear it now, Holder and friends.

This time his investigation is gonna’ work, got that‘!

“how “comfortable” Lavrov was with the press, in sharp contrast to John Kerry”

You’re not being fair to Kerry. If you were a gigolo working crowd control for a second rate con artist, you’d be uncomfortable with the press too!

The scary thing is that I can’t think of a single democrat (if we have to have a democrat president) who could have handled this better.

Is there any democrat that anyone can think of that would be a reasonable president?

No, the Russians do not know how to live. Russian FM Sergei Lavrov may be charming, and excel at conversation, but both ordinary Russians and their masters continue to act like serfs. We don’t want to live like they do.

I hope our country gets a good, long look at the pseudo-intellectuals we elected, the ones who have toyed with the dustbin-of-history ideas all their lives and come to adulthood with no idea at all how a country runs properly. I hope we all can see what it means to have someone who agrees philosophically with our tyrannical rivals, and how badly that works for us.

The media is a sewer pipe that constantly flows. By now lots of Americans are shrugging at this “theater.” Plus, I’d guess, Kerry is running behind.

It’s good to know that Russia is five time zones wide. And, has half our population. They also have major conflicts between groups. Who are armed. And, who hate each other. The various groups (or “stans”) have oil. Russia is not short on natural resources.

In the West the group that controls is the oil wealth people. They control everything. But Westerners tend not to know how to trace back to da’ money.

Professor, because I have been disagreeing with you vociferously, I thought it only fair to add this:

It so happens that I agree with these guys at the link. I also agree with McCain and Graham that BO has been mishandling this matter from the get-go.

I just think that there are worse things we can do to both ourselves and the Syrian people than leave them alone, and given the very recent past history of this administration (for instance, the refusal to negotiate a Status of Forces Agreement in Iraq) I am confident that it will choose a disastrous course, assuming it takes military action.

    DriveBy in reply to Valerie. | September 15, 2013 at 2:41 pm

    “I just think that there are worse things we can do to both ourselves and the Syrian people than leave them alone…”

    That’s funny! Like what?

BannedbytheGuardian | September 15, 2013 at 6:33 pm

Sergei is perhaps the most experienced foreign minister in any nation. Where others just throw their current darling in , lavrov has been at it since 72.

Again living vs watching on TV.