Ted Cruz was on the floor of the Senate today making the case about defunding Obamacare and keeping the government open.

While he may not be successful, as even Mitch McConnell abandoned the cause and the sniping from Republicans continues — even as to his eligibility for President — at least he was making the case.

This video starts with some procedural issues in which Cruz asked for unanimous consent to approve the House Obamacare defunding bill, and Harry Reid not surprisingly objected. Jump ahead to 6:25 for Cruz’s statement on the merits.

The Senate rules are byzantine, resulting in the need for counter-intuitive maneuvering. Coupled with the lack of will in the Senate Republicans, those rules likely doom Cruz to failure this time. But it’s a failure of the will at many levels.

The reason Cruz is called foolish is that Democrats are willing to play a game of chicken over shutting down the government, and Republicans are not. That is the complete opposite of the media narrative willingly adopted by Cruz’s Republican opponents.


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