Tonight on Special Report with Bret Baier both Tucker Carlson and Charles Krauthammer were excoriating Cruz over the issue of Obamacare defunding.  That’s fine.

If you think he’s wrong or foolish or whatever, make the case.

But as part of their arguments each brought up that Cruz was born in Canada.  Carlson mentioning that there were questions as to whether Cruz could be president and Krauthammer joking that Cruz could be Prime Minister of Canada.

What did that have to do with anything?  The topic was defunding Obamacare and Senate strategy.

You can make the case against Cruz’s tactics, if you want, without going where you went.

This was my 17,000th tweet ever, whatever numerological significance that holds:

As much of a pain as it was to do the research, at least it’s out there: natural born Citizens: Marco Rubio, Bobby Jindal, Ted Cruz.

Bookmark it. If tonight is any indication, you’ll need it for the 2016 Republican primaries.


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