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Tea Party California Caucus’ Tech-Based Gameplan for CA GOP Convention

Tea Party California Caucus’ Tech-Based Gameplan for CA GOP Convention

No matter how much the elite media and establishment politicos want to kill-off Tea Party, it seems that we citizen activists refuse to roll over and die.

If anything, we are pushing back smarter as well as harder.

Case-in-point:  Some excellent news about the Tea Party forcing a state GOP to reclaim small government principles that shockingly comes from California!

It’s major good news, both politically and on the tech front as the Tea Party California Caucus (TPCC), a collection of Tea Party organizations from up and down California, announces its intent to be present at the California Republican Party (CRP) Convention in October as a formal caucus.

…There are four major tranches of good news in this story: the formation of a Tea Party caucus at the CRP convention, the technology that the TPCC is employing, TPCC help in becoming a voting delegate to the CRP Convention (this means you!), and TPCC help in becoming a voting member of your district/county party central committee (again, this means you!); in short: learning to actually help govern the GOP effectively toward more conservative Tea Party principles. Then exercising that governing power effectively at the state party and subordinate conventions (other states outside CA have subordinate conventions, CA does not).

One of the caucus co-founders, Randall Jordan, said he was inspired to create a Tea Party specific caucus after attending a session to elect David Miller as chairman of the state Republican party.  “The other two co-founders, Lydia and Norm Thompson, and I would introduce ourselves as being from the San Luis County Republican committee and also as Tea Party members. Many, many people were either also Tea Party or shook our hands and said keep up the good work.  Finally by Sunday morning we felt empowered. I approached a California Republican Party Board of Director member and flat asked him…What would it take to bring the Tea Party to the next convention.

So the Tea Party California Caucus was born. Caucus media coordinator Ermias Alemayehu is looking forward to organizing members at the state GOP convention in Anaheim Oct. 4-6,  using new technology that promises to be the centerpiece of their organization efforts.

“One of the major advantages we hope to make the most of is the availability of digital technology to help coordinate volunteers,” explained Alemayehu. “But this will be unlike other GOP tech-fails: websites that try and look like Obama’s, trite forays into social media, or even attempts at updating the decrepid voter database. We are making that the key focus of our digital efforts.”

The group is using a platform called NationBuilder, a system built specifically as an activism platform that has many features not even Organizing for America utilizes fully. Alemayhu notes that perhaps the important tool to be unveiled at the convention is a text-messaging service. Through this, the caucus hopes to keep convention goers up-to-date with events all weekend long, targeting specific meetings and votes.

“The Tea Party has already shown that it is superior in its ability to organize the grassroots,” said Alemayehu. “Using the California Republican Party convention as a demonstration and test, we hope to show what we are capable of, and that we are a great asset that the state party needs to take advantage of and emulate.”

Hopefully, the caucus’ October experience will aslo be a template for conservative activists during the 2014 election cycle.  I will report back on the success of the caucus efforts after the Anaheim events conclude. Those interested in helping out real citizen activism can donate HERE.

After-all, if we can make it here, we can make it anywhere!


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Because LI is the first site I check in the morning, this great news is my first news of the day. Thanks for what you are doing. I will send some California dollars to California, for a change.

May the righteous be as bold as lions, unlike those on high noon Friday who gave aid and comfort to the enemies of justice, righteousness, and our sacred honor!

“The wicked flee when no man pursueth: but the righteous are bold as a lion” (Proverbs 28:1).

I’m so pleased that LI has noticed this! FYI, the advanced text messaging system we’ll be using is native to the base NationBuilder platform – the tight texting integration with our base platform will ease the task of floor managers to quickly cast light on CRP convention operations and decisions. (DISCLOSURE: I’m digital director for the project.)

Thanks so much for bringing hope to Tea Parties all across the country that we can actually influence GOP party governance in a big way.

We’ll have to wait and see, but everybody at TPCC agrees, this looks promising.

Ron Robinson

Just a thought… I think a lot of us in the other 56 states would appreciate hearing updates on the progress of these e-efforts as well as how we can participate. 🙂

Yup. Are aren’t dead. We aren’t even sick!

Melody Warbington | September 29, 2013 at 11:47 pm

Great news. There are a lot of us across the country who are working to stop the leftists in their tracks. Between groups like this using NationBuilder and folks getting involved in their local GOP’s via the Precinct Project, we are making a difference.

Zoomaster, I promise you will we publish a post-mortem after the CRP convention to let you know how it went – probably on Redstate at first; and Leslie seems to be promising an update here, too.

It’s not a done deal, but there are a lot of good people giving their personal best to this project… and I think we’ll have some success…

Ron Robinson

Please click here if you want more information about the Tea Party California Caucus (TPCC), a caucus that will be brining the California Republican Party back to its principles of limited government, individual liberty, fiscal responsibility, and free enterprise.

    richard40 in reply to Markson. | October 1, 2013 at 11:44 am

    You give me hope. I had worried that CA was hopelessly lost to the leftists, but if they still have a strong tea party there is hope.

Tea Party works well in red states but their record in purple and blue states is dismal. They have several times primaried moderate Republicans in blue or purple states, got more conservative candidates nominated, and transformed a Republican win into a Democrat win. The Tea Party needs to have a better understanding of the local mentality of purple and blue states. States are culturally different. A person who can get elected in Texas doesn’t stand a chance in Connecticut. They have to be able to accept candidates more toward the center when the populations that make up the electorate of those states is more toward the center. Running a Texas conservative in Maryland is a guaranteed fail.

    richard40 in reply to crosspatch. | October 1, 2013 at 11:40 am

    You make a decent point. I have generally not been opposed to rhinos in dem states, as they are probably the best we can do there, and are still better than dems. Although I think an even better direction is to go libertarian, strong fiscal conservative, strong on gund rights, but moderate on personal freedoms and war. I think the main turnoff for regular repubs in many dem states is not fiscal conservatism, but social conservatism. I would go with Reagans dictum, go with the most conservative candidate that can get elected.