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CBS News buries poll result showing Tea Party support rising

CBS News buries poll result showing Tea Party support rising

CBS News touts Gallup poll showing supposed decline, ignores own poll showing rapid rise in Tea Party support.

I told you just a couple of days ago that the Gallup headline of a decline in Tea Party popularity was misleading.

The misleading headline, ignoring the details of the poll, was picked up far and wide, Congrats @Gallup for inspiring these 5 misleading anti-Tea Party headlines.

The Washington Post yesterday, however, revealed that the Tea Party popularity was rising, Obamacare fight reenergizes tea party movement (emphasis added):

WaPo Tea Party Support Rising

The tea party movement rose to prominence in the early years of Obama’s presidency, helping drive a surge of conservative activism that helped flip control of the House to Republicans in 2010. At the time, according to CBS-New York Times polling, nearly a third of Americans considered themselves tea party supporters.

The movement’s popularity, though faded, shows signs of growing again: A quarter of Americans in a new CBS-New York Times survey between Sept. 19 and 23 said they support the tea party, up four points from two weeks earlier.

“Oddly” enough, it was really hard to find the poll to which WaPo was referring.

The rise in Tea Party popularity in the CBS-New York Times survey didn’t get the attention of the misleading Gallup headline.  I could not find any stories about that finding prior to the WaPo article.

The rise in Tea Party support didn’t get headlines at The Times, or at CBS News which ran this misleading headline about the Gallup poll instead, but nowhere in the article mentioned its own contrary findings:

CBS News Gallup Tea Party 9-26-2013

Eventually I found the poll, here it is.

CBS-NYT poll cover

The question about Tea Party support shows that Tea Party support rose rapidly this month, is higher than it has been for over a year, and is in the same range it has been in since early 2010, with the exception of the surge in support around the 2010 election:

CBS-NYT poll Tea Party Question

(As an aside, it’s hard to reconcile how Gallup found 51% of people had no opinion, while CBS-NYT finds only 9 percent don’t know.  Most likely it’s because CBS-NYT didn’t phrase the choices to include “oppose” which resulted in only 27% falling into that category in the Gallup poll.)

None of the CBS News articles about the poll mentioned the Tea Party findings (here and here and here):.

CBS Poll Headlines 9-25-2013

So, to sum up, CBS conducted a poll showing that support for the Tea Party was rising rapidly, yet buried the finding, running instead a headline about a Gallup poll showing a supposed drop.

Funny how that works.

While the NY Times did not highlight the Tea Party support findings in its articles, at least it didn’t run the contrary Gallup findings either.

Other than the WaPo article linked above, I can’t find any media references to the rise in Tea Party support reflected in the CBS-NYT poll.

You have been fed a false media narrative of collapsing Tea Party support.  Not just false, but completely the opposite of what is happening on the ground.

It might be a bit premature, but I think I can see the 2014 midterms from my desktop.


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I’m shocked ! Schocked, I tell you !

Headline you will never see: “NYT approaches record low popularity”

The same happens with ObamaCare polling. Whan Americans are asked if they support defunding of ACA, the majority say no. But when asked if they want ObamaCare repealed, the majority of Americans say yes. It’s obvious from the two answers that Americans don’t want defunding because it can be funded at a later time, like in the middle of the night just before a recess and no one will know until it’s too late. Americans just want ObamaCare – and Obama* – gone.

You have been fed a false media narrative of collapsing Tea Party support.

Ummm, what’s that called?

Oh,yeah. Wishful thinking.

I’m a card carrying Tea Party member. The 2014 midterms are going to be very interesting…

As a recent post I read — on LI, I think — said, they are the EneMedia.

And speaking as a “silent” Tea Party supporter, I have never stopped supporting it, in fact, late I have become more supportive rather than less.

America has 230 million voters. And, while locally speaking Tea Party candidates have impact … what do you think happens when these elected turds go to congress?

Well, they ALL join the stampede towards the money handed out by lobbyists. And, there’s not one single Tea Party group that can hold a candle to that kind of money!

Today, are more congress critters worried than not? Yup. But like Mitch McConnell who keeps eyeing whose gonna run in Kentucky. Most of the time the lobbyists giving money make all the difference …So even that fool can be re-elected.

Boehner? He’s like Tiddy Kennedy. Always re-elected. But then he died. And, they couldn’t send a stuffed dummy to keep his chair warm.

Eventually? You won’t see any heroes emerging. And, if it wasn’t for Monica Lewinsky, I think Bill Clinton’s two terms would have been forgotten.

The lessons you want to learn? ONE PERSON makes a difference. In the 1990’s it was Monica Lewinsky … And, then we had to wait to June 6, 2013 for Ed Snowden to lob in the biggest grenade explosion the turkey congress critters have ever seen lighting up the night sky.

ObamaCare? I think it’s undergone an Orwellian name change to “Affordable Schtuppable Care.” So all Americans, when it comes sailing in can bend over and cough.

But it’s not what you’d call creating American leaders. Last great one I knew was General Douglas MacArthur. (And, he freaked out the GOP in 1948.)

The GOP is still not a party that gets embraced well. While in 2016 … in a shifting field … I think the democrats will nominate Andrew Cuomo. The dems keep looking for someone to replace their Camelot legacy.


New CBS-NY Times poll shows sharp spike in popularity of Gallup among CBS-NY Times pollsters.

TrooperJohnSmith | September 28, 2013 at 3:15 pm

WND Headline: “Cruz Amazes Followers and Walks on Water”

NYT Headline: “Cruz Enters Water Unable to Swim”

Not A Member of Any Organized Political | September 28, 2013 at 4:58 pm

“Everything goes better with Tea!”

Don’t be fooled. The purpose of the false polling is to prepare the battlespace for the the inevitable VOTER FRAUD that will accompany the 2014 elections.

CBS is irrelevant as a ‘news’ organization. Its only relevance is as a corrupt propaganda tool of the left — and it should be treated as such by us.