Andrew Branca and I gave our presentation yesterday at Cornell Law School on the Zimmerman case, and the reasons why the jury reached the correct verdict. I’m hopeful the video will be available to post soon.

One of the things I talked about was the mythology of the case, and how the popular media narrative of racial motivation and hoodie symbolism was not supported by the facts.

Many in the audience were surprised to learn, among other things, that George Zimmerman never was told by the police not to leave his car.

It’s not surprising to see that the deification of Trayvon Martin continues at many levels, including comparisons to Martin Luther King, Jr. and Emmitt Till.

The marching band at Alabama State University also doesn’t seem to understand the case:

ASU Band Trayvon

Alabama State University is responding to controversy surrounding its band and a recent football game’s half-time show.

During Saturday’s game against Jackson State, ASU’s Mighty Marching Band members lined up in a way on the field that spelled out “Trayvon” while they played the song “Amazing Grace”.

Trayvon, referring to Trayvon Martin, was a teen whose case sparked nationwide outrage after he was shot to death by neighborhood watch volunteer George Zimmerman in Florida last year. Zimmerman was later found not guilty by a jury.

Following the band’s decision, the director of the ASU Marching Band, James Oliver, issued a statement on the controversy. It reads:

“ASU’s Mighty Marching Hornets Band’s halftime show utilized the tragic death of Trayvon Martin as a symbolic recognition that far too many young men die of senseless gun violence.

Ours was a call to conscience of all those who wish to protect our children and to build community.

We spelled out the name ‘Trayvon’ while the band played ‘Amazing Grace’ as a tribute to all the families who have lost their children.

It had nothing to do with a jury’s verdict, but everything to do with the sanctity of life and the amazing grace that only God can give as we deal with tragedies such as the loss of a child.” News Weather and Sports for Montgomery, AL.

There is so much ignorance about the case, it’s amazing.


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