The Senate has passed the necessary 60 votes to cut off debate on the House Continuing Resolution, opening the way for Harry Reid to strip out the Obamacare defunding provision and get a vote on a Continuing Resolution restoring Obamacare funding.

The procedural explanation is here.

Senate Cloture Vote Final Vote

(Senate votes 79-19 for Cloture on House Continuing Resolution)

Once Cloture was invoked, the rest was a formality with the vote to remove the defunding provision not needing 60 votes, and passing on a party-line vote:

(Senate votes 54-44 to remove Obamacare defunding provision)

(Senate votes 54-44 to remove Obamacare defunding provision)

The final vote to approve Harry Reid’s funding measure passed also along party lines, and now goes to the House:

(Senate votes 54-44 to fund gov't including Obamacare through 11-15-2013)

(Senate votes 54-44 to fund gov’t including Obamacare through 11-15-2013)


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