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Report: French diplomat who punched Israeli soldier to be expelled

Report: French diplomat who punched Israeli soldier to be expelled

We previously documented the provocative antics of French diplomat Marion Castaing.

Playing her part in a Pallywood drama, we demonstrated that contrary to the media narrative, Castaing was not roughed up by Israeli soldiers.

Instead, the video from several angles proved:

I think we’ve seen enough from the multiple videos from several angles to declare that this was staged by Castaing for dramatic effect. She exited the truck standing up, deliberately dropped down to the ground as the Israeli soldiers tried to hold her upright, she then stayed on the ground long enough for a photo op, then got up and punched an Israeli soldier in the face.

Now Israel has decided to expel Castaing from the country, as noted by our friend Adam Levick at CiF Watch::

The Times of Israel reports:

In a highly unusual diplomatic incident, a French diplomat involved in an altercation with Israeli troops in the West Bank last week will leave the country in December, Israeli media reported Friday.

An Israeli official told the Israel Hayom daily that the decision to expel Marion Fesneau-Castaing was made without harming Franco-Israeli ties.

The Israeli Foreign Ministry filed a complaint to Paris against Fesneau-Castaing, a cultural attaché at the French Consulate in Jerusalem, after she was involved in a scuffle with Israeli troops while trying to deliver emergency aid to Palestinians.

“This was an isolated incident that does not characterize relations between the two countries,” a Foreign Ministry official said.

The conduct of the other EU diplomats accompanying Castaing also should be reviewed. They all abused their diplomatic immunity and status by participating and instigating confrontations with Israeli soldiers enforcing an Israeli Supreme Court ruling as to a shanty town build on an Israeli military training area without a permit.

If Israeli diplomats had acted this way in France or elsewhere in Europe, such behavior would not be tolerated.


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She will leave the country in December? Why not right away? Give her 2 hours to pack, and put her on a plane.

Throwing the French babe out with the exceptionally dirty bathwater.

LHC (who has only heard, and not personally experienced, horror stories about French hygiene … and heard Dennis Miller joke about it in public)

She punches like a girl.
Don’t wait for December–get her out now.


She should be on the next plane out. Unless they get to lock her in a nice small cell until her time to leave arrives. 🙂