Neighbors say that the upstate NY second home of ex-NFL player Brian Holloway, who claims that the home was trashed by partying teens over Labor Day weekend, had already been in disrepair.

The house is also said to be in foreclosure, according to TMZ.

TMZ has learned … Holloway owes a whopping $1,006,348.80 on the house … it appears he was delinquent on paying his mortgage and the bank then demanded payment of the entire balance.

Brian hasn’t lived in the home for a long time — he’s in Florida — and neighbors tell us they thought the house was abandoned.  In fact, before the blow-out bash, neighbors say kids staged a number of parties in the house — which has no furniture.

Neighbors think the kids who Brian is now attacking are getting a bad rap.  They say there was already plenty of damage to the home before the party in question — broken doors and damaged floors.  And … there was plenty of preexisting graffiti covering the walls.

Some neighbors are suspicious of Brian’s motive in requesting financial help to pay for repairs on his PayPal account.  They think he’s trying to create sympathy so money floods in and he can save his house.

Last week, some parents were said to have been considering legal action over Holloway’s response to the incident, which included setting up a website and Facebook page on which he posted the tweets from some of the party-goers.  Holloway has said he wanted to give the teens a chance to redeem themselves.

While ABC Action News reported that Holloway called reports of previous damage to the home “nonsense and not true,” TMZ reports that the former NFL-player admitted there was some preexisting damage but that the teens really did trash the house.

In a video that was recently posted on the HelpMeSave300 website and Facebook pages, Holloway’s daughter, the oldest of his eight children, says that some names were previously spray-painted on the barn walls as part of a childhood tradition with friends.  But she claims that those were spray-painted over with profanity and other graffiti by Labor Day weekend party-goers. [relevant section starts at about 4:07]

“I hear these stories and I hear kids saying, well, there was already spray paint all over there anyway and we just spray painted over. But what people don’t know is that I have friends from middle school that used to come out there to that house and we would spray paint our names, the dates and things on there. And they’ve ruined that for us now.  Every single one of us, out of all the eight children, have had some experience in that basketball barn.  Our dad created that barn for us.  He gave us spray paint cans and said ‘decorate this, this is your basketball barn,’ and that’s what we did.  So all of us, we’ve all had friends come over and that’s what we would do, it was like a tradition that you spray paint your name, ‘oh you’re coming over to the house, have you spray painted your name.’ It was just signing your name.

So now, I can’t go back to that and reminisce, and go ‘oh my God I spray painted that in eighth grade, I remember those times,’…I can’t do that now because there’s curse words all over the barn, there’s the date all over it, and there’s just nonsense spray painted all over this barn.  So they think that it was just ‘oh well it was already messed up so we didn’t do any damage,’ but those are all of our memories.  And this isn’t just me, this is seven other people that have had those same experiences who are my brothers and sisters.”

Holloway has said in prior interviews that he’s hosted non-alcoholic parties at the home before.  He remarked that he even recognized some of the kids in the Labor Day weekend party photos as kids that have been to the home for such events in the past.

In a FOX News interview on Sunday, Holloway admitted that his home was being foreclosed upon.  That was preceded by his remarks that he has only one neighbor, who he says has never been inside the house.  Judging by an oddly interjected accusation he makes about that neighbor in the interview – at which point host Tucker Carlson cuts him off – it sounds like it’s not a neighbor he cares for very much.

In a raw version of that FOX interview that Holloway posted to the website and Facebook page, he says that in the last two years, he’s been negotiating over the foreclosure and that “in the next two weeks, all that stuff is going to be resolved.”  Meanwhile, a foreclosure sale of the NY property is scheduled for October 29th, according to TMZ.

Holloway was at the property again this weekend, and in a post he made to the HelpMeSave300 website, he says four teens showed up to help clean up this time.  News10 in NY spoke to two of those teens.

Although former NFL player Brian Holloway encouraged the 300 teenagers, who police say vandalized his home, to clean up and honor veterans, only four teenagers showed up.

Ricky Nelson and Mikaela Brynes couldn’t believe what they saw Saturday at  the Stephentown home.

“I didn’t know it was this damaged after the party” said Nelson.

“It was eating me alive. Like I didn’t know that any of this was going on. And if I did I wouldn’t have came” explained Brynes.

Mikaela and Ricky are two of three hundred teenagers Police say trespassed onto Holloway’s property.

I don’t know that the foreclosure matters much if the kids who planned the party there trespassed uninvited. There has also been mention of alleged drug use at the party, and the possibility of other serious charges, according to WNYT.

But sorting out when the damages actually occurred and what may have already been damaged prior to the party is probably a different story.

WNYT reports that Holloway encouraged many at Saturday’s picnic to “donate to breast cancer research, instead of giving money to him.”

Police are reportedly still investigating the incident.  Judging by some of the latest updates on the Helpmesave300 website, it seems to be turning into quite a contentious back and forth.