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Questions raised about ex-NFL player’s home being trashed

Questions raised about ex-NFL player’s home being trashed

Neighbors say that the upstate NY second home of ex-NFL player Brian Holloway, who claims that the home was trashed by partying teens over Labor Day weekend, had already been in disrepair.

The house is also said to be in foreclosure, according to TMZ.

TMZ has learned … Holloway owes a whopping $1,006,348.80 on the house … it appears he was delinquent on paying his mortgage and the bank then demanded payment of the entire balance.

Brian hasn’t lived in the home for a long time — he’s in Florida — and neighbors tell us they thought the house was abandoned.  In fact, before the blow-out bash, neighbors say kids staged a number of parties in the house — which has no furniture.

Neighbors think the kids who Brian is now attacking are getting a bad rap.  They say there was already plenty of damage to the home before the party in question — broken doors and damaged floors.  And … there was plenty of preexisting graffiti covering the walls.

Some neighbors are suspicious of Brian’s motive in requesting financial help to pay for repairs on his PayPal account.  They think he’s trying to create sympathy so money floods in and he can save his house.

Last week, some parents were said to have been considering legal action over Holloway’s response to the incident, which included setting up a website and Facebook page on which he posted the tweets from some of the party-goers.  Holloway has said he wanted to give the teens a chance to redeem themselves.

While ABC Action News reported that Holloway called reports of previous damage to the home “nonsense and not true,” TMZ reports that the former NFL-player admitted there was some preexisting damage but that the teens really did trash the house.

In a video that was recently posted on the HelpMeSave300 website and Facebook pages, Holloway’s daughter, the oldest of his eight children, says that some names were previously spray-painted on the barn walls as part of a childhood tradition with friends.  But she claims that those were spray-painted over with profanity and other graffiti by Labor Day weekend party-goers. [relevant section starts at about 4:07]

“I hear these stories and I hear kids saying, well, there was already spray paint all over there anyway and we just spray painted over. But what people don’t know is that I have friends from middle school that used to come out there to that house and we would spray paint our names, the dates and things on there. And they’ve ruined that for us now.  Every single one of us, out of all the eight children, have had some experience in that basketball barn.  Our dad created that barn for us.  He gave us spray paint cans and said ‘decorate this, this is your basketball barn,’ and that’s what we did.  So all of us, we’ve all had friends come over and that’s what we would do, it was like a tradition that you spray paint your name, ‘oh you’re coming over to the house, have you spray painted your name.’ It was just signing your name.

So now, I can’t go back to that and reminisce, and go ‘oh my God I spray painted that in eighth grade, I remember those times,’…I can’t do that now because there’s curse words all over the barn, there’s the date all over it, and there’s just nonsense spray painted all over this barn.  So they think that it was just ‘oh well it was already messed up so we didn’t do any damage,’ but those are all of our memories.  And this isn’t just me, this is seven other people that have had those same experiences who are my brothers and sisters.”

Holloway has said in prior interviews that he’s hosted non-alcoholic parties at the home before.  He remarked that he even recognized some of the kids in the Labor Day weekend party photos as kids that have been to the home for such events in the past.

In a FOX News interview on Sunday, Holloway admitted that his home was being foreclosed upon.  That was preceded by his remarks that he has only one neighbor, who he says has never been inside the house.  Judging by an oddly interjected accusation he makes about that neighbor in the interview – at which point host Tucker Carlson cuts him off – it sounds like it’s not a neighbor he cares for very much.

In a raw version of that FOX interview that Holloway posted to the website and Facebook page, he says that in the last two years, he’s been negotiating over the foreclosure and that “in the next two weeks, all that stuff is going to be resolved.”  Meanwhile, a foreclosure sale of the NY property is scheduled for October 29th, according to TMZ.

Holloway was at the property again this weekend, and in a post he made to the HelpMeSave300 website, he says four teens showed up to help clean up this time.  News10 in NY spoke to two of those teens.

Although former NFL player Brian Holloway encouraged the 300 teenagers, who police say vandalized his home, to clean up and honor veterans, only four teenagers showed up.

Ricky Nelson and Mikaela Brynes couldn’t believe what they saw Saturday at  the Stephentown home.

“I didn’t know it was this damaged after the party” said Nelson.

“It was eating me alive. Like I didn’t know that any of this was going on. And if I did I wouldn’t have came” explained Brynes.

Mikaela and Ricky are two of three hundred teenagers Police say trespassed onto Holloway’s property.

I don’t know that the foreclosure matters much if the kids who planned the party there trespassed uninvited. There has also been mention of alleged drug use at the party, and the possibility of other serious charges, according to WNYT.

But sorting out when the damages actually occurred and what may have already been damaged prior to the party is probably a different story.

WNYT reports that Holloway encouraged many at Saturday’s picnic to “donate to breast cancer research, instead of giving money to him.”

Police are reportedly still investigating the incident.  Judging by some of the latest updates on the Helpmesave300 website, it seems to be turning into quite a contentious back and forth.


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The issue of foreclosure is moot. It’s being used to somehow smear Mr. Holloway. Breaking & entering is still a crime, regardless if the property was in foreclosure or not or if the owner lived there or not. The party kids and their parents are disgusting.

This is nuts. “The house had been vandalized before, so it was okay for those kids to trash it.”

Kinda like Barry-O blaming Bush for his failures.

Kitty is right.

    “The house had been vandalized before, so it was okay for those kids to trash it.”

    How is that not like,

    “She wasn’t even a virgin, she’d been around the block a few times already, so it’s not like it was rape-rape. Hell, she was already damaged goods!”

    When did smearing the victim of a crime, publicly shaming them and then finding reasons why it was probably their own fault they were victimized anyway, come back into vogue?

      DriveBy in reply to Amy in FL. | September 23, 2013 at 12:38 pm

      Mr. Holloway wasn’t raped. But he is playing his Victim Card for all it is worth! An appropriate analogy would be one where a man’s car is hit in a fender bender, so he collects on the other driver’s insurance for the needed repairs but never makes the repairs to his car. Later he is in another accident, his car is hit in the same area as the previous accident, and he decides to collect for the same needed repairs from another driver’s insurance company, pocketing the first check and the second check for his personal use.

      The house was a piece of crap before the most recent party. It was foreclosed. He does not even own it anymore, so he cannot call out an insurance agent for money to fix up the broken down neglected home, and who knows who damaged anything? Or if he just left the home that way; the graffiti was definitely his doing, and many people that lose a home intentionally damage things when they leave it behind.

      But he can call out the last batch of teens that had a party there, embarrass them, their families, and their schools and all teens under the guise of, not .org, .com! And he can use this to vault him in to the spotlight as a “do gooder” out to save the nation’s teens from downfall. What crap is this? With all of the names and evidence that he has collected on over 200 teens, there has yet to be even one arrest!!! I guess since he does not legally own the home he cannot file charges, and the owner of the lien has better things to do.

      As in the analogy, he gets to pocket the money from this publicity stunt, of his own creation, and become a public figure with notoriety, potentially riding that to more money as time goes on. Brilliant, and disgusting.

        casualobserver in reply to DriveBy. | September 23, 2013 at 12:57 pm

        You type as if you are in fact one of the teens. Or just a jealous parent.

        Care to provide evidence the graffiti comes from Holloway’s own hands, for example?

        I’m curious about how far you want to go in forgiving the last batch of hoodlums for trespassing and using substances they had to legal access to (as per their own postings). You seem to see them more as victims than perpetrators. You can only hope to never be a victim of ….. well, such “victims” on your own property.

          “Care to provide evidence the graffiti comes from Holloway’s own hands, for example?

          Read ALL of Mandy’s Blog Post above, this Blog, the one that you are posting Comments on, for the “evidence” that you want.


        You do realize, that when you are a victim, then it’s OK to play the victim card, right?

        I do hope you understand that.

        NbyNW in reply to DriveBy. | September 23, 2013 at 3:55 pm

        What these kids did was wrong, period. Abandoned houses are not public property, and you’re not allowed to trash property even if it’s already in disrepair.

        under the guise of, not .org, .com!

        And just what in the hell does that have to do with anything?

Why is this lying man doing all of this? He was relying on a govt bailout to restructure his home loan (reduce the amount that he legally and morally owes to the lender); but it is too late, the home is foreclosed and will be auctioned next month!!! It was a vandalized dump before the kids had a party, and the teens did exactly what to make it any worse? But he catches the kids having a party in an abandoned, unfurnished home that is no longer his and he sets out to get money from the 300 teens. Too strange! It could have been a big payday for this liar, if the kid’s parents had fallen for it – good for them!

Is it the new meme to accuse the victim of something to get the perpetrator off the hook? We have seen a slew of these things lately. The parents of the white baby shot hired the killers…Shorty Belton sold his killer drugs…the killers of the black baby meant to kill his father in a drug war, and all the murders cause by preceived disrespect. Do these idiots think all this excuses the original crimes? All this stuff sounds like grammar school playground verbal fights. The only excuse for murder is self defense. And there is no excuse for assault & battery, burglary or other crimes. These kids trespassed and trashed a house. It wouldn’t make any differece if the place was falling apart they still committed a crime. One has to wonder who these neighbors are. Maybe the parents of some of the kids? There are too many gray areas being put in the place of explicit black and white issues. There are too many excuses for bad behavior. All this stuff started when courts took into consideration a bad childhood some criminals had experienced. Victimhood at its finest.

The sentence above about black and white issues has nothing to do with black and white people. Just in case the race baiters wanted to have a field day.

Sometimes I think “Driveby” is a shill hired to cause controvery and more comments. He/she always takes the opposite side of ANY issue from everyone else. Regular as clockwork.

    Whatever her motivation, if people would stop indulging her and giving her attention, she’d go away and haunt some other blog.

    DriveBy in reply to BarbaraS. | September 23, 2013 at 11:21 am

    No, I just take the time to actually read the blog posts, watch the videos, and look for more information from other sources instead of immediately jumping on the bandwagon!

    If everyone did the same, they would know that the barn is where the graffiti is, and Mr. Holloway and his kids and their friends had a family tradition of spray painting graffiti all over that barn! What new graffiti caused the $20K in damage? And if you watch a few news reports showing Mr. Holloway walking through the actual house, there in no graffiti, just a few patched holes in the wall, damage that appears to me to have been already been there, in his former home, that he abandoned. The guy is a liar, what his ultimate motivation(s) are is unclear to me – Public Speaking gigs?

    BTW Why was the headstone of his deceased grandson left in his unfurnished, abandoned, foreclosed, and previously vandalized home? Supposedly it was there, it was stolen by the rotten kids, and only returned to him after he went after the 300 online:

    “As Holloway wrote, it’s “a granite eagle, of great value to our family; it’s the headstone for my grandson, Dyanni who died at child birth.”

    Why would he store a cherished “headstone” in that dump? Why was it not where headstones belong?

    That eagle statue appears to be nothing more than a lawn ornament. This (his) story stinks. And his using that concocted story as fodder is truly disgusting.

      Oh, look. She’s banging her spoon on her highchair tray table now, trying to get all the adults’ attention.

        DriveBy in reply to Amy in FL. | September 23, 2013 at 11:46 am

        But Amy, a few minutes ago you said this:

        Amy in FL | September 23, 2013 at 11:18 am
        Whatever her motivation, if people would stop indulging her and giving her attention, she’d go away and haunt some other blog.


      VetHusbandFather in reply to DriveBy. | September 23, 2013 at 12:40 pm

      You really have no concept of how much things cost in the real world do you? Replacing carpets alone could cost over $10k. But I’m guessing you are assuming his “guests” were all polite enough to take off their shoes and were careful to not spill their “non alcoholic” beverages.

Please help me understand how the conditions which preceded the housing damage impact the moral or legal ramifications of damaging someone else’s how. In other words, what difference, at this point, does it make?

Unless I’m missing something, these 300 kids trespassed onto someone’s property and damaged said property to an extent. How much extent *may* be debatable, but these kids were photographed and published damaging someone else’s property. All other facts are interesting, but do not detract from the basic criminal activity which appears to have taken place.

On a personal level, I am an expat. I have a house in the U.S. It is watched but if someone were to damage it, this would constitute criminal activity. I feel for the guy, regardless of his financial problems.

And besides, getting the published damage of $20M repaired will not save a $1MM house from being foreclosed.

I say we punish the precious snowflakes, personally and publicly. They should be required to restore the house to its prior condition, while rubbing red a$$e$.

For quite some time now there has been no reason to accept much of anything at face value, and best to assume MSM sources are dishonest all the time. Here, who did what, when, is uncertain, and someone else’s problem about which I couldn’t be less indiferent.

But, the tweets and online posts from the kids, children, or whatever they’re considered today are very real. These are some disgusting people. Have a look. I’d love to know who their parents are.

Oh, please don’t tell me that partying in an empty house was ok because the locals thought that it was abandoned. Don’t tell me that because the owner may have been headed for foreclosure that it was ok for a bunch of spoiled brat kids with poor impulse control had the right to occupy private property for a party. Further, don’t tell me that the parents of these spoiled brat kids have anything to say which would justify in any way what those kids did to that property. I don’t care if the owned personally invited them to party and destroy his empty house, because a kid with any morals or integrity would not have been there and done that. Sorry, those pathetic parents raised degenerate children.

Update from Brian Holloway on his MOVEMENT:

I’ve got some ideas;

(1) Could it be possible to turn this moment into a movement? Where the 300 students; with a new commitment, to a bigger future actually became ambassadors to reach 3000 or maybe 30,000 other students? That would save a lot of lives.

(2) Would it be possible to have a group of parents and community members join with these students and the DARE program and MADD program to send another urgent message about the dangers of drinking, drugs, crime and violence? That would probably save lives.

(3) Suppose these students came together and created a voice of accountability and reconciliation that spread across the county with all the power and speed of social media? It’s happened before? That would definitely save lives.

Anyway, see if any of these thoughts spark bigger and better ideas, their future is at stake. There’s so much more possible for their lives — if they can make this turn.

Thanks for the chat.

PPS. Give this some thought. It’s really possible. Moments can be turned into movement. Lives can change and future can be built. And with all this effort, energy and work, if we were only able to save one life – would that be worth it?

Of course it would.

Help Me Save 300

Never let a perfectly good crisis go to waste…

A special message (threat) to The Parents from sweet Brian:

TO THE PARENTS: If you would like to pursue a LAW SUIT; that’s entirely up to you. Here’s a heads up you may want to consider; that will TRIGGER the biggest FIRESTORM of media that will invade every area of your life. Anything and everything, current and past will be brought to the surface to build the MEDIA FRENZIE to drive their ratings. I’m used to this, and have spent 30 years helping to prepare other NFL players about TRIGGER events that bring the FIRESTORM; without exception, no one was ever prepared. It effects your family, your relatives, your work and all your friendships; and that damage cannot be reversed for some reason. Again, I’ve lived with this a long time. It’s extremely difficult. Either way, I am prepared.

Let’s just say, for the sake of argument, that Mr. Holloway is a strategic defaulter who cheats on his wife, beats his dog and is currently in jail on a DUI. NONE OF THAT would make what these kids did okay. The moral relativism and list of excuses on this thread is horrifying, and the perfect metaphor for why these kids felt empowered to do what they did. Congratulations, America.

Brian Holloway, Motivational Speaker! LOL! 🙂

His is pure self promotion, but he has a vision and he is milking this cow for all that it is wort [to him]. Enjoy:

With 300 (lie!) raging teenage vandals drinking, doing drugs, and basically trying to destroy this man’s former home you would think that they could have done considerably more damage!

Mr. Holloway is using this BS to promote his own celebrity, and he has no issue with terrorizing all of the teens that attended that party, did not do drugs, did not damage anything, and who had no idea that the home was not owned by the student that suggested the party. And on his stupid website he posts letters from many kids that wrote to apologize, and many that are giving him the names of their friend that simply attended and did nothing knowingly wrong. See here:

This teenage Honor Roll 11th grade Student explains:

To: “[email protected]

Sent: Saturday, September 14, 2013 6:52 PM

Subject: Party

Dear Mr.Holloway,

My name is I am years old in the 11th grade at and I am a high honor roll student, I attended the party hosted at your residence on August 31 2013 for about 20 minutes not consuming alcohol or any drugs. I, along with most of the teenagers attending the party, were under the impression the boy who hosted the party was having an “end of the summer” party at HIS house, that was the story that was being told. The day after the party I was honest with my parents and told them where I was the night before. When I went to school the day after this party was on the news, I was told by a few other girls who were at the party who were listed on the website, that it was being investigated and the rest of the story that was on the news, being how I’m grounded indefinantly without a phone or privledges, I did not see this on the news. When I went home that day, I told my mother and father about how the party, which I went against my parents rules to attend, was trespassing and I contacted the officer investigating the case and I met with him the next day at my house with my parents, I gave a statement about how I heard about the party and that I was there, I also gave the girls name, that I was told by a few of my friends, that took the eagle,which I see has been returned and I am so glad, along with the host of the partys name who I had never met. I gave the officer a rather large list of names of people who possibly might have done damage and tried to help the best I could. I am deeply sorry that this happened to your familys home and I have so much guilt, but I am taking accountability for my actions and although I took absolutely no part in the destruction of your home, I would like to go back to your house and help with some of the damage like painting and other things that I can manage, I do art in my spare time so I will be able to do that for you. I have a year old sister and and I want to continue to be a good influence on them and show them that for every action there is a reaction. All I can do now is send my deepest regrets for what has happened, that I have taken some part in. I was not listed because I do not have a twitter. You and your family did not deserve anything that has happened, I read your story about how you need shoulder replacements and you should not have to pick up this mess. No one deserves to go through the physical pain you are going through. If you would like to contact me on the phone my home number is

From the same link, this kid is terrorized and begging him not to damage her future. I hope that Mr. Holloway is enjoying his 15 minutes of fame:

Hello Mr. Holloway. I’ve had an extremely guilty conscience since the night of the party. I was there, I’m sure you saw pictures of me. I need to come clean and get it off my chest. That was the first party I’ve ever been to and to think I let my BEST FRIENDS talk me into going. Yeah, it was cool at first but once 100+ kids started showing up I got nervous and was on the urge of having anxiety attack on anxiety attack. I was only there for about an hour and a half. I got dropped off by my friends, friend and called my friends sister a half hour later to come get us because I started to breathe funny and got light headed because i was so nervous. The cops showed up right as her sister got there. Now, in my defense and other of my classmates/friends, we didn’t realize that this house was broken into. We were all led to believe that the host, XXXX was the owner. Now seeing that it wasn’t true I feel extremely terrible. I know I can get into serious trouble because of this and I don’t know how many other students have come clean yet, but you have evidence of plenty of us being there. I can give you more names if you’d like. Not that I want to be THAT girl and rat everyone out but It’s not only for the safety of us but those around us. I’m a junior in high-school, so i’m starting to get looked at and applying to colleges and I really don’t wanna mess my future up because of this stupid night. If there were such thing as a time machine, trust me, i’d go back and change my mind about attending it. I’m a very intelligent student and I’m BEGGING you not to do anything in your power to screw up our futures but to help those who need their eyes opened a bit. That is the first and last party I will ever attend and I mark my word.

Again, i am extremely sorry for all the damage we have done to you, your house and your family.

The question of whether the property had been foreclosed prior to 8/31/2013 would seem relevant because it determines who has legal standing as the owner. The condition of the property prior to 8/31/2013 would also seem relevant since determines the extent to which it was damaged on the night of 8/31/2013.

If it turns out that Mr. Holloway is no longer the legal owner of the property, than he could be just as guilty of trespassing there as the teenagers.