Yesterday I covered the story of ex-NFL player Brian Holloway, whose upstate NY house was trashed by a couple hundred partying teens. Holloway watched the entire situation unfold on Twitter from his primary residence in Florida, as teens at the party tweeted out photos and comments.

In response, Holloway set up a website called HelpMeSave300 and a companion Facebook page to post the teenagers’ own evidence and a call to help track them down. He’d been hoping that the teens would proactively take responsibility and he aimed to work with them to redeem themselves for their bad behavior.  He was also hoping to send a broader message to the parents that they need to make themselves aware of what their children are doing on social media.

Now the parents of some of those kids have threatened possible legal action against Holloway for posting their information.

From the NY Daily News:

But rather than apologize to Holloway for their children’s behavior, some parents have contacted their lawyers to see what legal action they can take against the former Patriots and Raiders offensive lineman, local affiliate ABC News 10 reported.

“Parents have threatened me,” Holloway, a three-time Pro Bowler and Super Bowl XX veteran, told ABC News. “Your kids are in my house breaking and stealing my stuff and you are mad at me because I posted pictures that they took and posted themselves of them partying and tearing things up?”

Holloway also spoke to TMZ, which reports:

Holloway tells TMZ … he’s been told by the Sheriff’s Dept. some of the parents are furious because their poor kids have now been exposed.  Some bitch that it will hurt their chances of getting into college.  Others whine their poor kiddies are being harassed at school.  And they actually have the audacity to threaten a lawsuit.

On the HelpMeSave300 website, there is at least one email posted sent to Holloway by one of the party’s attendees who was there for a short time.  S/he explains that many at the party were unaware they were trespassing and thought it was the home of another student.  The sender of the email says s/he was not listed at Holloway’s website and took no part in the destruction of property, and also offers to assist Holloway in repairing the damage.

Holloway has said he knew some of the students, as he has hosted non-alcoholic functions at the house in the past.

In the interview with CNN, the former NFL lineman said the kids initially broke into the house through a number of ways – by breaking and kicking in a couple of windows, entering through one back door and using a ladder to get in through another window.  From there, an estimated 200 to 400 teens showed up, some of them causing what Holloway says is at least $20,000 in damage.

“Well, I think there’s a bigger message here, it’s not just the kids, it’s the parents,” Holloway told CNN.  “Because we all have to stand accountable for this, the kids just didn’t turn out that way. We as a community have to respond to these conversations kids are having that we don’t know about.  And so a big question that I’m going to put to the parents is hey, let’s bring them back up here, let’s have a conversation and you tell me, that’s your child. What should we do about that, and how did we get so far off track? And how do we find our way back?”

Holloway invited teens and their parents to come out to the NY home to help clean up in preparation for an event he’s scheduled for this weekend.  While some volunteers reportedly came to help, of those, Holloway said only one teen (and one parent) with connection to the party showed up.


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