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Oberlin Alum: “Please keep reporting on … the situation”

Oberlin Alum: “Please keep reporting on … the situation”

In response to my post last night, Oberlin racism hoax exploited to advance “even more extreme policies,” an Oberlin Alum writes:

I am an Oberlin College graduate in Chemistry…. I am still very active in science program management and know many people in my field, including faculty at Oberlin.

Your detailed article on the Oberlin racism hoax is very troubling to me. The actions taken by the administration over the past six months seriously damage the reputation of the College in the outside world. More important, however, is the internal damage that is ongoing at the College. The plans for re-education of faculty in the Natural Sciences and the Conservatory are of grave concern. Both the science departments and the Conservatory have national reputations for the quality of the faculty and the education and post-graduation accomplishments of students. The full implementation of the proposed plans would make it extremely difficult for faculty in these areas to continue to provide a meaningful education.

The Alumni Office sent a short email on August 24, copied at the end of this message. [My note: It’s the same statement as described here.] It does not admit to any responsibility on the part of the President and other officials for what happened. This is all that we have received from Oberlin to this point.

Please keep reporting on new information about the situation.

We will.

It’s about Oberlin, but it’s not just about Oberlin.  What is playing out on the Oberlin campus is typical of what is happening on liberal arts campuses across the country, as we document daily at College Insurrection, just more visible. 

People on campus are afraid to speak out for fear of being demonized and tagged with an “-ism” or “-ist”. 

There is a culture of intimidation, but it’s not what the “re-orientation” activists think — they have become the campus bullies and everyone plays along because it’s the path of least resistance in the short run.  But in the long run it’s destroying the liberal arts.

The mainstream media has no interest in the real story of what is happening at Oberlin.  It will be up to bloggers in pajamas munching on Cheetos to get the truth out.

If there are students, faculty, alumni or others with information, do not hesitate to send it via the email address on the contact page.


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legacyrepublican | September 2, 2013 at 9:40 am

When I was a wee lad, I was heard the left, particularly the ACLU, say that the freedom to parade thru the streets in KKK garb spouting hateful rhetoric was a constitutionally guaranteed right and that it was the price of free speech and that any attempts to lock it down were wrong.

In this case, where there were false charges of racism and a faux KKK individual, all I hear is crickets.

Making the strawman and burning him on the campus with re-education so as to intimidate people from being able to exercise their rights to free speech has become the new form of cross burning.

This link:

pretty much sums up what passes for education these days. 🙂

    Paul in reply to Paul. | September 2, 2013 at 9:53 am


    I once taught Biology in a private Catholic High School. One day, after giving a pop quiz to the students on some homework I had assigned, and watching the kids fail miserably on the quiz, I proceeded to review the quiz, and got this quip from a particularly upset student:

    “How can you expect us to read the book, and then know what’s in it!”

    I rest my case.

There is a monstrous iceberg below this exposed tip and it is festering; becoming more and more virulent as the days pass.

Taking the diseased & trollish Oberlin management and faculty to task is absolutely vital for the sake of America’s children.

Please contact FOX News, including Bill O’Reilly, and see if they will pick up this gauntlet and run with it.

The American public was awakened to the corruption of The Black Grievance Industry and given tools to push back against it in the aftermath of the Zimmerman trial and this academic dirty laundry needs a very public airing as well to get the ball rolling on a larger scale.

Oberlin alumni can unite and deny the university any new funds. They have power, and they need to use it. The destruction of the idea of the university and the remaking of it into a tool of propaganda is the final piece in the Communist bid to make the USSA. Money is the lifeblood: cut off funding, send your children elsewhere.

Bill O’Reilly is a waste of time.

I saw this in college. I was the only Chemistry major in a class required for education majors. Only, the reading assignments were very short, and the quizzes were announced in advance.

Same result. Same kind of comment. From education majors who are now in a position of authority.

Three generations of my immediate family attended Oberlin and prospered as a result. However, this descent into political theater, which began in the 1970’s and accelerated under the last president (Nancy Dye) has perhaps reached its endgame now.

That the current president (Krislov) would make a personal career strategy, and an institutional marketing strategy, out of organizing all administrative resources to further a lie, is not so surprising, really. Krislov is a happy-go-lucky social warrior, and the kids value his oh-so-sincere support for their many victimizations. And, why not? Their parents are paying $110K pre-tax to send their little activists to a school for rock and social rolling. Krislov will move on after his deceit sufficiently pads his social justice resume.

I did think that even the historically supine Oberlin board of trustees would have a problem with being lied to by their president, but there appears to be no evidence of that. Perhaps members of the board were in on the scam.

Many of the people who keep Oberlin afloat financially, however, are not people who want to support this sort of debauched, narcissistic and dishonest sideshow. Sure, Oberlin has its share of gentry liberals, who delight in the self-congratulatory, progressive halo their association provides. Perhaps they have enough money to sustain the place. But based on my experience, and the aggressive fundraising that never ends, there aren’t enough of them. Perhaps I’m wrong and this deceitful grandstanding is just the new normal.

Still, Oberlin’s endowment is quite small relative to peer institutions, and Oberlin has increased student enrollment to unsustainable levels in an effort to keep the machine humming. I imagine that the three levers of declining student enrollments, insufficient existing endowment, and insufficiently foolish donating alumni, will force a reckoning.

It appears that Krislov’s highly organized deceit, and his exploitation of Oberlin’s historical franchise to highlight his own intrepid social justice re-engineering, will serve him well. He’ll split before the first Antioch-like financial crisis. Oberlin’s selectivity will continue its free-fall, male enrollment will continue its free-fall, and Oberlin’s financial viability will suffer as it tries to build an endowment of uneducated social justice activists whose low-paying, pointless jobs — if they get jobs — will not turn into required donations.

A generation ago Oberlin consistently ranked in the top 5 or 6 of liberal arts colleges. Oberlin remains the school that has produced (historically) twice as many eventual Ph.Ds as any other (Amherst is second). Since Bobby Fuller was named president, in the first spasm of PC self-indulgence, these academic attributes have been systematically undermined. All such efforts, over time, achieve a tipping point. I believe that tipping point occurred with Krislov’s revelation and defense of his lying, and the decision of the board of trustees not to fire him on the spot.

The Oberlin administration, with their displayed willingness to exploit known falsehoods for ideological benefit followed by the use of doublespeak obfuscation to deny any complicity, has already shown itself to be the heirs of Joseph Goebbels.

Not that they’d ever see themselves in that light, true believers never do.

True believers simply do not belong in those sorts of academic positions, their presence as such is about as close to academic heresy as that oxymoron allows.

Nothing will change (with the possible exception that their methods of indoctrination, and deception will grow ever more subtle and refined) until those involved are removed from their positions.

This is rot at the core of the University, it needs to be gone.

I shouldn’t worry. At fees of $60k a year (plus living and spending money) it’ll cost parents $120k per child pre tax per year. That’s seriously 1% territory if they’ve got that amount of discretionary income for each child. Why care if a liberal elite wants to bleed to death financially?