In response to my post last night, Oberlin racism hoax exploited to advance “even more extreme policies,” an Oberlin Alum writes:

I am an Oberlin College graduate in Chemistry…. I am still very active in science program management and know many people in my field, including faculty at Oberlin.

Your detailed article on the Oberlin racism hoax is very troubling to me. The actions taken by the administration over the past six months seriously damage the reputation of the College in the outside world. More important, however, is the internal damage that is ongoing at the College. The plans for re-education of faculty in the Natural Sciences and the Conservatory are of grave concern. Both the science departments and the Conservatory have national reputations for the quality of the faculty and the education and post-graduation accomplishments of students. The full implementation of the proposed plans would make it extremely difficult for faculty in these areas to continue to provide a meaningful education.

The Alumni Office sent a short email on August 24, copied at the end of this message. [My note: It’s the same statement as described here.] It does not admit to any responsibility on the part of the President and other officials for what happened. This is all that we have received from Oberlin to this point.

Please keep reporting on new information about the situation.

We will.

It’s about Oberlin, but it’s not just about Oberlin.  What is playing out on the Oberlin campus is typical of what is happening on liberal arts campuses across the country, as we document daily at College Insurrection, just more visible. 

People on campus are afraid to speak out for fear of being demonized and tagged with an “-ism” or “-ist”. 

There is a culture of intimidation, but it’s not what the “re-orientation” activists think — they have become the campus bullies and everyone plays along because it’s the path of least resistance in the short run.  But in the long run it’s destroying the liberal arts.

The mainstream media has no interest in the real story of what is happening at Oberlin.  It will be up to bloggers in pajamas munching on Cheetos to get the truth out.

If there are students, faculty, alumni or others with information, do not hesitate to send it via the email address on the contact page.


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