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Someone give MSNBC some Cheetos

Someone give MSNBC some Cheetos

MSNBC in the form of Andrea Mitchell and guest Chris Cillizza of WaPo had a good laugh over video of Mitt Romney saying it’s “amazing” that WaWa markets in Pennsylvania have automated sandwich machines. Ha, Ha, what an out of touch dolt.

But that’s not what Romney said. He said it was amazing how the private market competes and innovates, but that didn’t come across because of the editing which stopped at the word “amazing.”

MSNBC was caught by a blogger using the pseudonym SooperMexican.

Were MSNBC ashamed and embarrassed?

Apparently not, because tMitchell and Cillizza glossed over the misleading editing, making it seem as if it merely was a time issue, and as if the edited out video was separate from the part it played. (Video via Right Scoop).

This is the same sort of misleading editing NBC did to the George Zimmerman 911 tape to make appear he had a racial motivation.

Yet Joe Scarborough of MSNBC has the nerve to complain about bloggers in basements eating Cheetos?

Maybe MSNBC needs some Cheetos.


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So. They had enough time to fudge the clip. They had enough time to sneer and giggle like mean girls in junior high school. But they didn’t have time to run the full quote. DOes anyone think they don’t have enough time to whine about “Faux news”?

    MaDr in reply to Blue Hen. | June 19, 2012 at 5:09 pm

    Andrea had her chance today, but she only showed the clipped portion. Not the originally aired portion so people could see what had happened. No apology, only a lame “we didn’t have time”. She didn’t have today either, apparently.

    “…sneer and giggle like mean girls in junior high school.”

    Your mean girls in junior high breaks down in one way – after saying we didn’t have time, she didn’t add, bite me.

It’s probably galling for that old witch to get caught fudging things. She’s probably thinking to herself, “That never used to happen in the old days. Who are these people?”

    Flyover Conservative in reply to persecutor. | June 19, 2012 at 5:10 pm

    She probably doesn’t care. She and her ilk have a storyline (Romney is too rich and out of touch) and will stick to it. You can’t reason with people like her. That’s why they need to be utterly defeated.

    >>She’s probably thinking to herself, “That never used to happen in the old days. Who are these people?”<<

    Exactly, which is why Chris Cillizza–who understands what it means to live, work, and interact with his online audience–should be the one who gets hammered for this. Andrea's a lost cause, who if pushed would just throw some production assistant under the bus. But Cillizza is savvy enough to know what was going on, and he didn't just go along with it, he reveled in it….

    Cillizza gotta be made to wear this, like a hairshirt, until he apologizes for being part of such an obvious hit piece.

    You can see it in their body language. They’re old , stupid & scared. Running on gas from 2 years ago they delude themselves this story will break thru. Then some nobody tagged Super Mexican takes their crap story & wipes it in their face. They sit there ,faces covered with feces & run a misleading correction which says in essence ; “Shat? , we dont smell no steenkin shat ! Pathetic.

The only purspose Andrea Mitchell serves is to make Joan Rivers seem totally HOT by comparison.

    persecutor in reply to OCBill. | June 19, 2012 at 5:03 pm

    Looking at the picture above, she looks like David Axelrod’s twin. Were they separated at birth?

BTW, this is now the feature story at

    Unfortunately, most liberals I know won’t go near Fox News because it’s Faux News to them (aren’t they soooo clever), and the ones that actually do watch Fox News just start spewing tu quoque fallacies about how conservatives lie all of the time or other non sequitur nonsense about how “studies show” people who watch Fox News are dumb, as if that had any relevance to the story.

    But hey, it’s still good to see that Fox News (and Glenn Beck – heard him talking about it this morning) are exposing MSNBC for what they are.

Henry Hawkins | June 19, 2012 at 5:33 pm

MSNBC. Right. Please note no one noticed till an anonymous blogger mentioned it, lol. Perhaps the motivation was not in service to their lord and saviour, O-weh, but just to see if there was anyone still watching MSNBC. And there was. One blogger. Yay! Still open for business!

You do know that all of the compliant Commies, are going to pulling out, all the stops through election eve, right?

If this assclown 44 loses, prepare for racism charges, from all these dare I say media types. Prodding Blacks to action. If it bleeds, it leads.

If the assclown wins, expect the na-na-na-na-neener, in OUR face crap.

Selective editing intended to deceive (also called dowdlerizing, in honor/horror of Maureen Dowd) is commonly done by propagandists.

We can expect to see an epidemic of it before the year is over.

You could pound Cheetos down the collective gullet of BSnbc from now until the crack of doom.

Like the good Collectivists they are, they don’t get it, won’t get it, and have closed their “minds” to any suggestion they are wrong.

The Cocoon is actually our friend. Now, we go an do what Breitbart would do.

Well, it’s easy to see why Scott Brown doesn’t want MSNBC any where near any of his debates.

This brings to mind a similar event from the George H. W. Bush years. On the campaign trail, he was in a supermarket and commented that laser scanners were an amazing invention. It came out in the “news” that Bush “had never seen a laser scanner before. In fact, jeeze! The guy doesn’t even know what a bar-code is!”

This is just the Mainstream Media playing one of their old classic songs: “Republicans are rich, dumb, out of touch and behind the times.” Just sing it, Mitchell! It doesn’t have to be true. Just repeat it! Hammer it in! Get Bill Maher to say it again, only with pornographic overtones! Get that message out, lady!

    Ragspierre in reply to RKae. | June 19, 2012 at 6:58 pm

    It was also a complete myth.

    But that was pre-New Media. That kind of crap will not go unanswered today.

Plenty of Cheatos at MSNBC.

I emailed Andrea Stone, one of the authors of the two pieces at HuffPost that posted the bogus Romney Wawa video. Asked her to print a retraction.

She sent this link as a reply.

Andrea Stone ‏@andreastonez
Update on Romney Wawa moment @mitchellreports didn’t apologize & neither will I. Still plenty other gaffes

12:13 PM – 19 Jun 12 via Tweet Button · Embed this Tweet
20m tarheeltroll ‏@tarheeltroll
No regret for lies MT @andreastonez @mitchellreports didn’t apologize & neither will I. Still plenty other gaffes

3m Andrea Stone ‏@andreastonez
@tarheeltroll @mitchellreports Sure wish people would read whole @HuffPostPol story giving many other examples from Rs & Ds


TeaPartyPatriot4ever | June 19, 2012 at 7:37 pm

This is not part of the topic of discussion segment, but since LI hasn’t an open issue segment, or I want to post it here.

The issue about Obama’s unconstitutional power grabs of late.

Obama has nothing but contempt for the US Constitution, America, and the American people, so what’s the surprise.. as we, the Reagan Conservatives, and now the Tea Party all warned you (the voting public) about Obama in 2008, but no one listened.

He says and does what he says and does because he has nothing but absolute contempt for the system of governance created by the Founding Fathers, (a Democratic Representative US Constitutional Republic with a Free Market Capitalist economy) as he has been indoctrinated to believe that this America is the problem of all the world’s ills, and America’s Allies are just as guilty for their support of America, not to mention of course Israel, and acts out his agenda to internally destroy America with each passing day.

Obama is now at the end of his Presidential rope, so he decides to do whatever he wants to do, saying to he American system and people- “What are you going to do about it- Nothing that’s what”. And the closer it gets to 6 Nov, the more he will act irrationally and recklessly and lash out against Americans and America, sabotaging whatever he can, when he can, as much as he can, especially after he has lost the election. Mark my words, this will be the most dangerous time in US history, as he will then unleash, thus leave a trail of destruction that can only be called his scorched earth policy.

He will most probably start off with signing LOST- “Law of the Sea Treaty”, the anti-American global world order document that will subject America to the authority of the UN body of approval for anything and everything we do around the world, along with so much more. It would absolutely destroy, thus devastate our global Independence- ie; destroy our U.S. Sovereignty. This is what will be even more dangerous than his current actions.

Henry Hawkins | June 19, 2012 at 7:51 pm

“Does anyone watch MSNBC?”

Well, put it this way. Any time one of their cameramen calls in sick viewership goes down 50%.

They are simply incapable of stating the truth. They don’t believe in “truth” anyway…

LukeHandCool | June 19, 2012 at 8:29 pm

If I were Cheetos, I’d run with this.

New flavors:

“Big Blog of Cheese.”

“Limburger Insurrection.”

Remember how they criticized the late, great Breitbart over his video, thinking he was criticizing Shirley Sherrod when he was really just pointing out the racism of the NAACP audience as she told them about her unfair treatment of a white man. But here they are purposely smearing the Republican candidate for political points. And these are supposed to be the holier than thou professionals.

I say this as someone who religiously would watch MSDNC during the Bush years. Now it makes me wonder how much the overplayed their Bush stories.

Andres Mitchell is a JOKE! I had tremendous respect for her at one point, but she is a JOKE. and MSDNC is a JOKE. NBC is a JOKE. Most of the LSM is a JOKE.
They are all water carriers for Barry and his lefty minions.

MSNBC like its parent has little in the way of credibility these days and only their manipulation of the truth gets any attention albeit a minor span of attention at that.

I almost never watch MSNBC since I can get better comedy elsewhere. Besides, their sophomoric performance can get tiresome rather quickly.

Never the less, they may score a few points with a dumbed down public…

Gateway Pundit blogged about Warren’s trashing Legal Insurrection

if you’re taking flak, you’re over the target.