MSNBC in the form of Andrea Mitchell and guest Chris Cillizza of WaPo had a good laugh over video of Mitt Romney saying it’s “amazing” that WaWa markets in Pennsylvania have automated sandwich machines. Ha, Ha, what an out of touch dolt.

But that’s not what Romney said. He said it was amazing how the private market competes and innovates, but that didn’t come across because of the editing which stopped at the word “amazing.”

MSNBC was caught by a blogger using the pseudonym SooperMexican.

Were MSNBC ashamed and embarrassed?

Apparently not, because tMitchell and Cillizza glossed over the misleading editing, making it seem as if it merely was a time issue, and as if the edited out video was separate from the part it played. (Video via Right Scoop).

This is the same sort of misleading editing NBC did to the George Zimmerman 911 tape to make appear he had a racial motivation.

Yet Joe Scarborough of MSNBC has the nerve to complain about bloggers in basements eating Cheetos?

Maybe MSNBC needs some Cheetos.


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