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Now this is creepy

Now this is creepy

You thought the creepy Obamacare videos were creepy?

From Brooks, the creepy bumper sticker below was accompanied by the ubiquitous One Big Ass Mistake America full-gate sign:

Was getting gas in Euless, TX, and saw this truck at the pumps.

The owner was rather pleased that I took this photo. Didn’t mind the wait.

Sometimes best bumper stickers are the biggest because they stay on message and no one can mistake message about the biggest mistake this country has ever made.

 Bumper Sticker - Euless TX - Creepy Oops


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If @IowaHawk made a bumper sticker, that would be it.

No moron like a liberal moron because “stylistic.”


just pointing that out. 😉

Yea Texas once again!

Just returned from a trip to RI where things are as dismal as ever…

…the creepy bumper sticker below…

I guess creepy is in the eye of the beholder.

Looks normal, to me.

O*M*G.!!! Thank You. MADE My WEEKEND along with the Rays win at 2:05am, bottom of the 18th!!

And here I thought the ‘one big ass mistake’ would have a picture of Michelle Obama!

Where do I get one???????