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10 Creepy liberal reactions to creepy Obamacare videos

10 Creepy liberal reactions to creepy Obamacare videos

Two videos have been released by Generation Operation as part of a national campus push to convince young people not to sign up for Obamacare.

If young people don’t sign up, Obamacare become even more unsustainable, because the voodoo-economics behind it depend on the system sucking money out of the young to subsidize the less-young.

First, for the ladies:

Gentlemen, you’re up next — LEAN FORWARD!

This was trolling extraordinaire.  What really inflames the left about these videos is that the group receives funding from a group to which the Koch brothers contribute.  That’s enough of a connection to make these videos like flames to moths.

The reaction has been severe hyperventilation, and attempts to dismiss it all as nonsense.  Those reactions are trying too hard.

In the world of low information voters, these types of video approaches are just what the doctor ordered.  It’s the imagery that matters.

Here are some of the creepiest reactions:

1. Gawker

So obsessed with the Koch brothers, they even included a gif of David Koch in the same position as Uncle Sam:

Creepy Obamacare Ad - Gawker1

Gawker Koch Creepy Obamacare

2. BuzzFeed

Dorsey Shaw played it cool, creating a post swamped with gif’s — so much movement it took creepy to a new level.  Okay, I give up, I’m dizzy already.

Creepy Obamacare Ad - BuzzFeed Headline

Opt Out Gif Buzzfeed

3. HuffPo

They can’t stop looking at that speculum. Fire meet moth.

Creepy Obamacare Ad - HuffPo

4. L.A. Times

Another one obsessed with the speculum.

The L.A. Times is doing the fact checking and debunking?  When they release the Khalidi tape I’ll start paying attention.

Creepy Obamacare Ad - LA Times

5. Raw Story

Stop with the speculum!  You people are obsessed.  (I guess this means it’s working.)

Creepy Obamacare Ad - Raw Story

6. The Week

Thank you, The Week, for not forgetting our prostate exams.  I tried not to watch this video.  We are victims too!

Creepy Obamacare Ad - The Week

7. Time

I want to meet the person who worked the word “probe” into the headline.  Actually, on second thought, I’d rather not.

Creepy Obamacare Ad - Time

8. The Guardian

I really don’t feel like being lectured to by The Guardian. Can’t you go back to destroying our foreign intelligence capabilities, and leave our YouTubes alone?

Creepy Obamacare Ad - Guardian

9. New York Mag

Jonathan Chait is overthinking this.  It’s not about stopping Obamacare, he says, it’s about fundraising. Okay, sure.

Creepy Obamacare Ad - NY Mag

10. Daily Kos

The rape card is played.

Creepy Obamacare Ad - Daily Kos


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Were they similarly upset when the Obama Campaign was accusing Romney of killing a poor steelworker’s cancer-striken wife?


Then I’m not interested in their faux outrage.

Could it be this initial overly emotional reaction is driven more by the reality of the program than by the content of the ads? If Obamacare were much more popular in polling and the left didn’t now see the pitfalls that were obvious to many, perhaps they would see these ads as much less significant – sort of the way they view conservatives as a rule. Not really impacting culture and certainly not a large enough portion of the electorate to influence much. But these ads perhaps tend to hit home.

Those are great ads and just what the Doctor ordered. They speak volumes in about 60 seconds. These should have been running years ago.

So this is creepy, but robotic pre-schoolers singing the Obama song, and fat, tattooed Lena Dunham discussing her first time are not. Is that about right?

I want the ads where your orthopedist says, “Yes, Marie, I have to ask you these questions about your sexual activity

…and you HAVE to answer them. It’s the law.”

    Rags … those questions are made up by bureaucrats and designed to fill up a database. So long as you answer *something* for each absurd question, the database field will get filled in and the clerks in HHS will be happy. They didn’t make it forced choice, so have some fun. To my knowledge, it is not illegal to fib to a medical clerk.

    Recently one of our best local major hospitals put out a new race questionnaire that had a couple dozen choices plus one line for other and a blank to fill in: I filled in “Homo Erectus.”

    There is another questionnaire with myriad very personal behavioral questions, one of which is about your sex life, how many times per day,week, month, and how many partners. I am 70+ years old so my answer will be: 3 times a day with a dozen different partners randomly chosen.”

    The one about my sexual orientation I will fill in “other” with: “Very happy.”

      Ragspierre in reply to Aridog. | September 20, 2013 at 1:23 pm

      On my last FFL form, which insists that I state my ethnicity, I put down “Pacific islander”.

      Hey, it was aspirational! Besides, I have ancestors who discovered Pacific islands. Yeah, they are lil’ bitty rocky seal breeding grounds in the frozen Antarctic extreme South Pacific, but, hey…

      I opt out of ObamaDoggle compliance totally. I will not assimilate.

      “Resistance is MANDATORY”! Screw ’em!

    Obamacare is creepy, and the ads are great, as is the effort by Ted Cruz and Mike Lee to defund this America-destroying legislation. I signed the petition and contributed.

All these liberals are probably upset because they’d never use tactics like these, to promote their agenda.

Just kidding.

MaggotAtBroadAndWall | September 20, 2013 at 9:06 am

The ads reached the right audience and they are talking about it, which is what they wanted to happen. I find it especially pleasing that the adjective of choice of the falsely outraged is “creepy”. That’s the point. Government involvement in healthcare IS creepy.

More please.

You can tell from the reactions that the anti-Obamacare videos are feared effective.

The video creators ought to offer a H/T to Burger King.

Saw these two videos yesterday over at TheBlaze where the writer was also dutifully creeped the crap out.

With this much attention, the videos did the job they were intended to do.

Well Done! Oh ye masters of creep, for the crown of liberal bemoanment belongth to thee. hehehe

Actually, it looks like they all understood the ads perfectly well. Conservatives do feel that–well, this conservative, anyway, feels that–ObamaCare is an incredible government intrusion into our bodies, sex lives, health care, and personal records. It’s bad enough that the government will be making all healthcare decisions for us, asking us questions about our sex lives, but when you add in that the IRS is the enforcement arm and has a clear record of targeting certain people that don’t drink at the Obama koolaid stand and of using personal, protected information to attack these good people, it’s every bit as much a “rape” as the “gate rapes” that the more “progressive” on the fringe left state the TSA carries out on grandmothers, nuns, children.

The thing that has them so upset is that it’s effective; this is exactly the kind of thing the left has been putting out for years with great impact and results. They’re horrified the right is finally getting it and hitting back. We can debate the tastefulness of these ads all day long, but you’ll note that’s not the chord that was struck here.

Watching the usual liberal suspects on Hannity last night, it became obvious to me. The liberals are panicked.

If Obama veto’s the federal budget, he alone will have pulled the trigger to shutdown the govt.

Sen Cruz wants the left to think he is politically demonic & maniacal… it is a calling of their bluff they never wanted called.

So… The Tea Party is dead, eh? We don’t hear that line anymore from the left, now do we?

This reminds me of a scene of one of the most memorable movies of recent times, Tombstone. I can just see Ted Cruz as Wyatt Earp in the following scene…

All right Reid, you called down the thunder and now you got it.

You see that? It says United States Senator!

Tell all the other liberals, the Tea Party’s Comin’

You tell Em I’M Comin’

Tell I’m Comin’ And Hell’s Comin’ With Me, You Hear?


    The Tea party is not dead. However, within the past 30 days I received a questionnaire & solicitation for contribution from the Republican National Committee. It very c-l-e-a-r-l-y had a forced choice question on it…was I a “Conservative Republican” or was I “Tea Party?” There were also a few other types of “Republican” proffered.

    What’s up with the RNC distinguishing between Tea Party and Conservative? Apparently I can’t be both Conservative and Tea Party?

    Is the RNC back at its old game of self defeat again?

      The RNC, The ‘RINO National Party’ are also in panic mode, Aridog.

      Conservative & Tea Party are synonymous.

      Conservative & RINO are polar opposites.

        The choir here. I’m in Michigan. Until v-e-r-y recently virtually all our “Republicans” were RINOS. RINO = Democrat = RINO was the general rule. Republican RINO Governor Milliken was the highest taxing longest serving governor we ever had…he brought us both a permanent income tax plus a closeted VAT tax (no pass through credits) that was only eliminated this year.

      Phillep Harding in reply to Aridog. | September 20, 2013 at 11:26 am

      I have a difficult time getting past that heavy authoritarian command: DO NOT DESTROY! etc.

      The one before this read like it was written by a liberal college student.

Liberals are always screaming about keeping the govt out of their bedrooms and these ads illustrate that point perfectly

    Archer in reply to MarkS. | September 20, 2013 at 1:17 pm

    Gov’t in bedrooms is not OK. Gov’t in doctors’ offices and clinics, gov’t poking around your home without a warrant/cause, gov’t strip searching your kids before they can travel, gov’t deciding who is and is not a “journalist” worthy of confidential sources, are all just peachy.

    And they can talk about how the SNAP program can’t force people to buy broccoli, but all they have to do is limit the types of foods SNAP will cover (which they have the authority to do), and – *BAM* – broccoli for everyone.

    I think the disconnect is that “gay rights” is a traditionally liberal cause, even though the truly conservative/libertarian (not necessarily Republican*) “live and let live, and leave the gov’t out” stance should be much more supportive of their cause. However, the liberals DO NOT WANT to lose small-but-vocal groups like that, so they carve out an exception for those that support them. For now.

    I don’t believe for an instant that if the gov’t is allowed to control everything else that the bedroom will be left alone.

    * – The “Republicans” are just as bad. They’ll leave the gov’t out of everything, but carve out exceptions for groups that DON’T support them.

Young people are covered by their parents plans. Unless ObamaCare kills this type of family coverage, why would young people go and sign up for it? Basically, the poorest section of our population, today, is our young people.

And, those with “jobs?” They’re all part time. Not enough to give them spare change in their pockets.

As to ALL women who have ever put their feet into stirrups to be examined, it’s a very unpleasant thing. And, ALL doctors make sure the nurse is in the room, also “looking” … so they don’t get sued by patients who claim the doctor raped them.

The video? Eyeball rolling. Written by men with fantasies. Missing the whole point of what the exam is like.

Maybe, we should do one with a man bent over, and the doctor asks him to cough?

    Are you trying to say that if you don’t have ovaries, you can’t possibly imagine what it’s like to be in a vulnerable/awkward position in a doctor’s office?

    You DID see the one with a man getting a gloved finger up his rectum, didn’t you?

Pope Francis’ recent interview made its way around the world, because he spoke the truth to the Catholic hierarchy. He said by focusing on dogma, the real message, about love, gets missed. And, people leave “the house of worship” in droves.

Sure, Benedict and others tried to make the church “purer” … and with less people in it … by focusing on the dogma.

More people then leave, than not.

Again, my mom told me that when you lose a customer in your store (no matter what it was that made them angry enough to leave), it’s near impossible to bring that customer back in, to shop, again.

Pope Francis is great! Will that increase Mass attendance? First, I do not know. But on the other hand I doubt it. It’s near impossible to fix things at the grass roots level.

When the proggies freak out you know what you’re doing is working. Keep running the ads… getting raped by Uncle Sam is EXACTLY what this late-term-abortion of a law is like. Disgusting governmental over-reach. Stomp it like a roach.


Oh, man, the videos are only so-so funny, but the hyper-overreaction is pure awesomeness.

I don’t know how Obamacare is going to end, but like a sedan-full of drunken-teenagers I am utterly confident that it IS going to end.

It’s not merely a train wreck, a train wreck can be a mere derailment.

It’s more like what my father, a pilot, would call “controlled flight into terrain”.


–Andrew, @LawSelfDefense

Liberals don’t like being on the defensive. They regard it as a violation of the natural order (not that they believe in a natural order but that’s another argument). Of course they get upset by it.