Two videos have been released by Generation Operation as part of a national campus push to convince young people not to sign up for Obamacare.

If young people don’t sign up, Obamacare become even more unsustainable, because the voodoo-economics behind it depend on the system sucking money out of the young to subsidize the less-young.

First, for the ladies:

Gentlemen, you’re up next — LEAN FORWARD!

This was trolling extraordinaire.  What really inflames the left about these videos is that the group receives funding from a group to which the Koch brothers contribute.  That’s enough of a connection to make these videos like flames to moths.

The reaction has been severe hyperventilation, and attempts to dismiss it all as nonsense.  Those reactions are trying too hard.

In the world of low information voters, these types of video approaches are just what the doctor ordered.  It’s the imagery that matters.

Here are some of the creepiest reactions:

1. Gawker

So obsessed with the Koch brothers, they even included a gif of David Koch in the same position as Uncle Sam:

Creepy Obamacare Ad - Gawker1

Gawker Koch Creepy Obamacare

2. BuzzFeed

Dorsey Shaw played it cool, creating a post swamped with gif’s — so much movement it took creepy to a new level.  Okay, I give up, I’m dizzy already.

Creepy Obamacare Ad - BuzzFeed Headline

Opt Out Gif Buzzfeed

3. HuffPo

They can’t stop looking at that speculum. Fire meet moth.

Creepy Obamacare Ad - HuffPo

4. L.A. Times

Another one obsessed with the speculum.

The L.A. Times is doing the fact checking and debunking?  When they release the Khalidi tape I’ll start paying attention.

Creepy Obamacare Ad - LA Times

5. Raw Story

Stop with the speculum!  You people are obsessed.  (I guess this means it’s working.)

Creepy Obamacare Ad - Raw Story

6. The Week

Thank you, The Week, for not forgetting our prostate exams.  I tried not to watch this video.  We are victims too!

Creepy Obamacare Ad - The Week

7. Time

I want to meet the person who worked the word “probe” into the headline.  Actually, on second thought, I’d rather not.

Creepy Obamacare Ad - Time

8. The Guardian

I really don’t feel like being lectured to by The Guardian. Can’t you go back to destroying our foreign intelligence capabilities, and leave our YouTubes alone?

Creepy Obamacare Ad - Guardian

9. New York Mag

Jonathan Chait is overthinking this.  It’s not about stopping Obamacare, he says, it’s about fundraising. Okay, sure.

Creepy Obamacare Ad - NY Mag

10. Daily Kos

The rape card is played.

Creepy Obamacare Ad - Daily Kos


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