My alma mater, Hamilton College, has become a hotbed of multi-cultural activism to the extent that Western Civilization has been driven off campus.

A reader and Hamilton alum posted a tip in the Tip Line about the latest fiasco, a diversity program segregated by race.

Via a Facebook post by recently retired Hamilton Professor Ted Eismeier, the diversity program is called Real Talk: A Dialogue about Internalized Racism:

Hamilton College Real Talk Brochure

The brochure indicates there will be three sessions, one for people “of color,” one for “whites,” and one jointly.  It does not indicate how these categories are defined.

The brochure is hard to read, so here’s the calendar announcement highlighted:

“In order to create a safe space, this program is open to people of color only.  A similar conversation for white students, faculty and staff is planned for the spring semester.”

Hamilton College Real Talk Program - Highlighted

Eismeier, in his Facebook post, describes it as “separate but equal” discussions:

Hamilton Real Talk - Eismeier FB post

That does seem to be an apt characterization.  Hamilton Professor Robert Paquette, co-founder of the Alexander Hamilton Institute, provided the following comment:

Hmm, Hamilton College’s Director of “Diversity and Inclusion” using College funds to host an event on campus segregated by “color.” Orwell would have understood.

I reached out to the head of the multi-cultural center, which houses the Womyn’s Center and a variety of diversity programs, with the following questions:

“Can you tell my why Hamilton has segregated the discussions by race, and whether the College believes such a segregation is consistent with Hamilton’s diversity goals.”

I probably also should have asked why students “of color” need a “safe space” on a campus like Hamilton, which is teeming with diversity initiatives (except for conservatives).  I have not yet heard back, but will print Hamilton’s response if and when received.

I take it they don’t see the irony of segregating diversity discussion by race.

Update 9-23-2013: Hamilton College cancels racially-segregated diversity program


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