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Cruz leapt while Obama slept

Cruz leapt while Obama slept

Strong contender for Tweet of the Year

We didn’t do a Tweet of the Year in 2012 for laziness no good reason, but our Tweets of the Year in 2011 were pretty strong.

This tweet has me thinking we need to bring back the competition.


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That one has my vote for certain!

Ouch! We might need some aloe for that burn!

I’d need to see the contenders, but if that’s a representative sample, it’ll be a tough competition.

In all fairness, the president needs his sleep, and Hillary Clinton filled Obama in on what happened with the youtube-video-review-gone-horribly-wrong within mere days.

Then, quickly soon afterwards, Susan Rice filled the American people in on what happened, just before Candy Crowley filled in Mitt Romney in timely fashion.

In other words, in the language of hope and change, (Low Foggy Bottom dialect), what difference does it make?

By the way, it seems that Alan Dershowitz says that “Wacko Bird” Ted Cruz is one of the smartest students he’s come across in his years teaching at Harvard Law School.

We need a BIG FLOCK of Whacko Birds.

Let’s pull all the worn-out COINs [Conservative Only In Name] out of circulation!

    LukeHandCool in reply to Ragspierre. | September 26, 2013 at 2:33 pm


    You’re right. And if I ever start that new-wave band I’ve been meaning to start since I was 19, I’m scrapping the first name I came up with:

    Tommy Infinity & The Null Set.

    And to hell with Flock of Seagulls, too.

    “Flock of Wacko Birds” it is.

    Tentative first song:

    “Killing Two People with One Bill.”

    Carol Herman in reply to Ragspierre. | September 26, 2013 at 4:09 pm

    No Rags, the best thing about hearing many voices is that it shows people can speak their minds. We’re also watching the willingness of people to go and vote, spiraling downward.

    In a commercial world, you’re out there looking for customers.

    One of the blessings of hearing Pope Francis’ call “who am I to judge?” go viral. Is that dogmatic “pure” positions just cancels out large swaths of the public, who’ve shown they’ve turned a deaf ear to all the old messages.

    Then, Pope Francis came along and said “it’s all about love.”

    Politicians on both sides are hated, now.

    And, if the “word” isn’t “love” … then it will go to the messenger who bears “confidence.”

    Ronald Reagan’s strongest suit was to be able to reach people who weren’t members of the GOP. That’s the outreach to aim for.

The Gullible Journalist’s Lament:

“Gullible Americans Fuel Obamacare’s Bad Rap”

At 0:20, she succintly explains that Rick Newman says, “It doesn’t matter what happens.”

Let me put that in plain English:

Don’t believe your lying eyes, or your lying, hypochondriac mother’s early demise. You don’t know what’s good for you, or her.

I love this part. So rich, it’s creamy:

“[Republicans and others] will be hunting for horror stories … to make sure every bit of bad news reaches the largest possible audience.”

Isn’t that the mission statement for all activist journ-o-lism schools?

I mean, growing up reading newspapers, many a time I thought that if the journ-o-listic style of argument by agonizing anecdote had been any more formulaic, it would’ve become chemistry’s newest element … but, ironically, it’s only non-unique one.

Watch and read and weep, before you die (hopefully laughing) you gullible rubes:

If we had crystal balls, we’d know what’s ahead, and going to happen on October 1st.

Still I’ll place my bet at the “syrian window” … where Obama creeps away … and isn’t found to comment during the first (lousy) week of October.

For a side bet I’m going to pick “postponement.” Somehow … instead of bursting onto the scene October 1st … We’ll notice the calendar pages flying to 2015. “In the meantime” … with Orwellian language at full tilt … we’ll get propaganda … until doctors will have to treat our ears for this condition.

I share her bias. However, I extend it to all representatives who either reject an investigation or tolerate a whitewash. Even today, it does matter. The loss of four Americans does matter. The motivation for their murder does matter.

Here’s a better tweet, by someone with fewer followers, tweeted some 17 hours earlier: