As many Legal Insurrection readers know by now, Jim Hoft (Gateway Pundit) has been in the hospital for some time.  He’s undergone several procedures to date and still has a long road to recovery ahead of him.

Jim is a friend to many of us in the movement, myself and Anne included, and he has asked for all of our support.

From his blog today (h/t Instapundit), posted by his guest blogger Andrea, who has been wonderful in helping him out.  A Special Request From Jim Hoft:

Yesterday marked three weeks since Jim was admitted into the hospital.  It’s been a long road for him, and while he marked an important turning point last week, he still has a recovery to get through.  Today, Jim has another procedure.  It’s fairly routine as a follow-up to the surgeries he had, but it’s another stressful intrusion, nonetheless.  Your prayers and outpouring of well wishes have helped get him this far.  Last night, Jim asked that you please continue to pray for him.  And to please say an extra prayer for what’s ahead of him today.  Thank you!
Jim has been one of the most dedicated fighters in this movement and we are all wishing him well and praying for a speedy recovery.  Your well wishes really do help to lift his spirits, and as anyone who has ever found themselves in a similar situation knows, that is an important part in the recovery process.