Some of you may know that Jim Hoft of Gateway Pundit has been quite ill.

Here’s the latest update from one of his guest bloggers:

It would be quite impossible not to have noticed Jim’s absence this past week and a half. As has been periodically posted and updated, Jim’s health is in serious condition. He has been in the hospital battling a blood infection and complications from an infected knee replacement. Last Friday, Jim had surgery to remove his knee. The surgery went well. This morning, Jim had surgery to replace a heart valve, which was, also, damaged due to the infection. Jim is in the best of hands and is receiving extraordinary care. But his path to recovery will be a difficult one, and he and his family could use all the prayers you have to give.

UPDATE September 4, 2013 –

Jim is stable. Hopefully, the worst is over, and it is, now, time for recovery. He is in a lot of pain and will need all your prayers for today and the rest of the week. As Jim always says to me, “God bless you” for all your kind thoughts and prayers that you have shared all along.

I have heard so many horror stories about infections from knee replacement surgery. I had a client who had to spend several weeks with no knee after they had to remove the replacement to fight an infection.

Jim has been a great friend to so many in the conservative blogosphere, including Mandy and Anne.

We’re all praying for his speedy recovery.


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