Have you noticed another skirmish brewing, not in the Middle East but among Republicans over support for Obama’s Syrian debacle?

David Axelrod must be twirling his mustache with delight over his latest manipulation of the leaderless Republican party as they provide cover for Obama’s latest fail.

Of course, Obama’s Syrian problem isn’t about Congress, it’s about his own failures as a leader — in this case the logical extension of his worldwide apology tour presidency.

Enter Axelrod (if he ever was off stage).

August 30 Axelrod puts New York Times, et al., on notice of what the talking point will be — “this is up to Congress”:

A gleeful tweet on August 31:

Sept. 2, a thank you to the New York Times for pitching in:

I imagine a phone call from Axelrod to Obama, perhaps sometime Friday night, with Obama pouting about his off-teleprompter “red line” comment. Axelrod has an idea. Foment a little diversion by foisting Obama’s Syrian debacle onto hapless Republicans.

Says Axelrod: go play a round of golf. Show dismissiveness for Congress, especially the Republicans; don’t call them back, let it fester. More time for the Republicans to stake out opposing sides as it drives them crazy just in time for the Sunday talk shows.

Some simple game theory: by bringing Congress into it, Obama [Axelrod] wins in every scenario — or at worst, a draw:

  • If Congress approves, Obama goes ahead –> They’re in it together. Obama wins.
  • If Congress doesn’t approve, Obama goes ahead –> They didn’t back him up. Their fault, Obama wins.

If it works, Obama’s a genius, overcoming extremists in the Republican party.

If it doesn’t work, he’ll blame Congress for not backing him up. If only they had expressed support, together we would have had the gravitas required to recruit the global community.

Without Congress in the narrative, it’s Obama’s behemoth blunder. With Congress, he’s saved.

Obama better send another invite to the Lincoln Bedroom for his friend Axelrod.



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