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Top Ten Things Media Found More Important Than al Qaeda

Top Ten Things Media Found More Important Than al Qaeda

I wish I had put this list together myself.

But the credit goes to John Nolte of on Twitter.


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I hope he had a good round of golf this weekend with his 11 friends. The birthday party at Camp David has the Secret Service all abuzz. Wonder if one of their dancers showed up

I R A Darth Aggie | August 6, 2013 at 12:32 pm

Remember when decimate meant one in every ten?

Annihilation is when you cut them down, root and stalk.

We’ve done the former, not the later. They’re still capable of conducting operations. Even if it just to communicate with each other.

But now they know they can make us jump just by talking. Next serious credible threat? an attack on Wall Street.

That should make the markets nervous. Even if they have no such plans, or even the personnel to carry it out. All they need to do is talk about it like it is real.

‘Detroit is alive and Bin Laden is dead’ was never more than a stupid tag line in a campaign that catered to the lowest common denominator in America. Sadly, it worked.

On the plus side, Obama is doing a great job of demonstrating that no, they DON’T, and NEVER DID, hate us because of Bush. They hate America, period.

They didn’t like Bush, but they feared and respected Bush. They laugh at Obama.

Why weren’t the embassies closed because of “sequester?” What about budget cuts so we can actually get a budget?

Also, what about all the audiences lost by newspapers, and TV? A long time ago, if you wanted to get the news you knew CBS, NBC, and ABC, all devoted about an hour a night to news. Between 6 PM and 7 PM. Discounting the ads, of course.

Back in those days, to, in New York City, the New York Times had about ten sections. Plus a magazine. And, the total weight came in at about 10 pounds. They also supplied a crossword puzzle. And, other papers has pages of cartoons.

You think people then were “well informed?” Someone informed? Or they just saw front page headlines as they ran to their morning (and evening) commutes?

Where did this idea come from, that if you just handed out a current events test, people, in general would pass them with flying colors?

Or that anyone you ask can name all 44 presidents in a row?

Maybe, today, the difference really is that Walter Cronkite was actually credited with knowing what he was talking about. But today you can interchange one airhead with another? Go ahead, name a famous newscaster? (And, he can’t be dead.)

NC Mountain Girl | August 6, 2013 at 1:23 pm

Every time I hear about Michelle Obama’s well toned biceps or how she has such a small waist she can pull off those cinched-in belts meant for sample sized models I can’t help but think of this image of a favorite actor in drag. After all, some things just aren’t plausible, no matter how hard one tries.

Carol Herman | August 6, 2013 at 2:27 pm

Tell me, what don’t you know about Benghazi? I think I know a lot. And, I haven’t read a newspaper in decades. Nor do I own a TV.

Maybe, instead of all of us just being “news readers” … we work as management of all the news that flies in through our computer “portals?”

Yes, I heard about the loss of life in Benghazi. Susan Rice’s stuperous take that it was caused by a movie. (Which didn’t explain how a movie gave all these terrorists weapons to use.)

Then, through the Internet I saw Hillary’s famous line spoken: “WHAT DOES IT MATTER, NOW, ANYWAY? She gave a big shrug. Contress didn’t know how to proceed, since the “news business” is not their line of work.

And, Anthony Weiner “splashed” into the news because he was running for mayor of the big apple. And, his wife went along by his side … thinking it was all fun and games.

But Weiner’s got a fetish. She probably doesn’t spend lots of time with him, anyway. And, the ooze just seems to hit the “news” … with the likes of Hillary showing her distain.

As if you needed a newspaper to remind you of the sperm that sat on the Blue Gap Dress. Which wasn’t sent to the cleaners.

Why wasn’t the dress sent to the cleaners?

Was Bubba so cheap he didn’t even offer Monica a ten dollar bill, so she could get her dressed cleaned? And, she could even keep the change.

I don’t think I miss newspapers. Because they had an ugly habit of shedding their ink. Readers always had to wash their hands, afterwards. You thought the ink was permanently applied as newsprint … on crappy thin paper?

I don’t even miss the ads.

And, I also resent the idea that there’s a test we must pass to prove we’re aware of daily events. Oddly enough a lot of word-of-mouth spreads through wireless cell phone devices. And, internet hookups.

We’re not at a loss for information! If anything, all together, we eliminated the “stars.” While like Anthony Weiner doing it to himself, Dan Rather also imploded. People who sell stuff door-to-door are more aware of presenting themselves as decent folk, who really want to make a sale.

    Rick the Curmudgeon in reply to Carol Herman. | August 6, 2013 at 2:30 pm

    I would point out that newsprint is good for cleaning your spectacles and makes a great, inexpensive packing material.

    jayjerome66 in reply to Carol Herman. | August 6, 2013 at 4:37 pm

    “Oddly enough a lot of word-of-mouth spreads through wireless cell phone devices. And, internet hookups.”

    It’s called gossip.

Yesterday at the WH press briefing not 1 “reporter” asked Jay Carney about the scoop CNN had last week about the CIA might have been shipping SAMs to Syrian jihadis from Bengahzi and are now trying to intimidate would-be leakers into silence. They also reported that the CIA was creating aliases for CIA personnel that were on the ground in Libya during the terrorist attack on 9/11/12 so Congress couldn’t question them. Now it comes out that reporters are afraid to ask the White House questions b/c they fear reprisals from the WH. The Lame Stream Media are nothing more than stenographers, they just regurgitate what Obama and Democrats say without verifying stories or asking hard hitting questions to get the truth. Ed Henry of Fox News was asked about the CNN scoop and why WH wasn’t asked about it by Allahpundit and Henry claimed he didn’t know what story he was referring to.

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Nobody with any sense listens to what ANY administration has to say publicly about terrorism groups.
Anybody WITH sense knows they’re not going to be forthright.

The only way to stop Islamic terrorism is to DESTROY radical Islam.
Good luck with that.

John Nolte and Brietbart are TMZ in political dragg.
And he failed to mention his own bravura stories during the same time frame, about Smurf2 movies, and “Batshit Weiner” stories aplenty, etc. The potty writer calling the MSM facile, that’s a laugh.

The auto erotica is breathtaking.