Not the indecision and delayed decision about the use of force in Syria.

The Golf immediately after the Rose Garden statement.

Politico Obama Statement Golf

Right after shipping responsibility for authorizing an attack on Syria, President Barack Obama returned to his comfort zone: The golf course.

Obama’s motorcade left the White House at 2:30 p.m., about 30 minutes after completing his statement.

Obama and Vice President Joe Biden are playing at Fort Belvoir, Va., along with White House trip director Marvin Nicholson and Walter Nicholson, according to the White House.

It’s NOT the Golf itself, but the ability of Obama to compartmentalize.

One moment he’s giving a statement to the world about what he describes as a heinous breach of longstanding international norms the gravity of which has brought him to the decision to launch military action with almost no allied support, subject only to timing (and not necessarily even subject to congressional approval).

Within an hour or so he’s on the links.

The ability to compartmentalize is troubling. It’s what makes him able to campaign non-stop on his agenda items as his administration is crumbling around him and our country is going down the tubes internationally.

Did I mention it’s troubling?


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