If you’ve noticed, I haven’t weighed in on what to do in Syria.

We’re pretty much stuck to straight reporting.

We’re in a real mess. As pointed out before, it’s a matter of bad or worse in the Syrian civil war. It’s just hard to know who is just bad and who is worse. Assad’s unapologetic and large scale use of chemical weapons is a game changer, worse than eating a heart (what a comparison!).

There was a time for action, when non-al-Qaeda rebels were ascendant, but that was then, and that time passed with inaction. Now it’s murderous Iranian and Hezbollah-backed Assad versus al-Qaeda.

But Obama has boxed himself — and us — into a corner.

Having demagogued issues of presidential prerogative and the need for U.N. approval in the past along with other Democrats, but having set a red line, he (we) are damned if we do, damned if we don’t.

This interview with John Bolton at The Washington Free Beacon pretty well sums up the cluster—- we’re now in, Bolton on Syria: ‘We’re In a Box Almost Entirely Of The President’s Own Making’

Update: Looks like David Cameron has delayed a vote in the British parliament in favor of military action because he would have lost the vote:

David Cameron backed down from asking lawmakers for immediate support for possible U.K. military strikes on Syria after the Labour opposition demanded a delay until United Nations inspectors report on the alleged use of chemical weapons.

Further Update August 29:  British Parliament debate on Syria LIVE (Update – Cameron loses vote)


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