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Syria Attack Watch

Syria Attack Watch

We will update this post throughout the day, in reverse chronological order, with most recent updates at top.

If there actually is an attack, we’ll start a new thread with video embeds, etc. For now there are two Twitter feeds at the bottom of this post, one I created using reliable sources, and another raw #Syria hashtag feed.

BREAKING – Obama says has decided to take military action, doesn’t need U.N. Security Council or Congress, BUT will seek congressional approval:

Really Chuck Todd, really?

More reactions at Obama statement on Syria and also below:


The Syrian government says that it is expecting an attack “any moment.” That literally is true, we just don’t know which moment.


If there is an attack, it won’t be with your granddaddy’s type Tomahawk:

Mandy already reported on this, Syrian Electronic Army says it may retaliate if US strikes Syria:

You just knew that they would blame Bush for all this:

In case you were wondering how the low-information voters would simplify the problem:

Why to I get the feeling Putin is enjoying watching Obama squirm?

Hezbollah reportedly is mobilizing forces in South Lebanon, possibly redeploying some of its troops who are fighting in Syria. Israel also reportedly is mobilizing in the north of the country, and has conducted two days of heavy overflights.

Legal Insurrection’s Syria Twitter Feed:

#Syria Hashtag Feed::


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Putin probably can’t believe his luck, having such a feckless fool as Obama for an adversary.

    An animal with an injured ego comes to mind. I just hope that if Obama is not denied his moment in Syria, that he will not then turn inward and punish the American people. He has already demonstrated a contempt for America and her people. Then again, an openly hostile Obama may be the best we can hope for. It has already motivated so many Americans to stand their ground.

Putin is right. Although, I am not certain about Iraq. Unlike Gaddafi in Libya, Mubarak in Egypt, Hussein was not a benign or compliant dictator.

legacyrepublican | August 31, 2013 at 12:11 pm

From a rhetorical point of view, what does it say when I click on the video of a Russian leader and hear a competent and thoughtful addressing of the issues and from my own leader an incompetent childish response to a serious issue.

We are screwed.

If we strike and they sink one of our ships — or what Hussein calls “my military” — then what?

What’s a Nobel Peace Prize for, anyway, if not a carte blanche to bomb a foreign country where you have no national security interest and without either international or domestic support but only because your ego is at stake? Come on, get with the times.

The Syrians, with all the stupid advance warnings issued by the Obami, will regard any attack by Obama as a vacant fireworks display/propaganda opportunity.

You can count on any “casualties” being refrigerated bodies hauled out of preservation for photo-ops…men, women, and especially children.

Any actual troop formations or ordinance targets have been moved/dispersed.

I mean…seriously. Wouldn’t YOU have done that.

I have a feeling that Putin has a game plan to maximize his country’s benefits from the feckless Obama presidency, not just in the middle east.

Nothing can happen until the camera crews are in place.

This whole attack is for show, and there has to be something to show, or it didn’t happen.

I still don’t think he has the balls to pull this off.

But, he’s going to address the nation for a reason, and not just talk some more…..right??

Hey Lefties, where are you?
Come on!!

“Hell no we won ‘t go!!”
“No blood for oil!!”
um,er, “Vaginas?”

Israel’s chance to permanently capture and keep all Lebanese territory north to the Litani River should the hezbos start anything, capture and retain the rest of the Golan should Syria fire missiles at them.

Israel: good hunting and good shooting!

I think it is possible that Obama will end up doing nothing. His idea of governing, leading, etc., is to fly in, give a speech, and fly out.

He has cornered himself into having to actually make a decision, but I don’t think he has it in him to make one, and then live with the consequences. He is not the “decider”.

BannedbytheGuardian | August 31, 2013 at 1:06 pm

I think Syria welcomes it. Governments aside , the people in the region are not fans of America & it will bring dishonour for Sunnis to be associated with the great satan.

Interesting the reaction in Egypt.

Oh, give the poor baby a break. Nobody is more war-weary than he is, so I am sure he will find a way to avoid bombin’ and killin’ brown folks. Really, the burden he has assumed for us over the years would have worn down a lesser mortal long ago. Let us be grateful for his emotional leadership. It would be too greedy of us to expect anything more.

2009: “Nobody is more worried about the deficit and the debt than me.”

2010: “Nobody is more upset than me” about the oil disaster.

2010: “Nobody is more committed to manned space flight, to human exploration of space than I am.”

2012: “Nobody is more interested in figuring [Benghazi] out than I am.”

2013: “Nobody is more offended than me by some of the anti-gay and lesbian legislation that you’ve been seeing in Russia.”

2013: “Nobody is more war-weary than me.”

See? Every one of those issues has been resolved in tip-top style by Obama. That “be all that you can be” Army ad was modeled on him, you know. He really is on top of everything, so we can stop worrying.

I’d like to know who the hell David Swanson at the Daily Beast is referring to, because I have yet to identify anybody who likes this idea, and yet both he and some lunatic commenter over at Jim Hoft’s place have commented that people approve of this action, when I know for a fact that this is not so.

The commenter at Jim Hoft’s place claims that Lindsey Graham supports this, a claim that I found incredible, and indeed, Sen. Graham very capably ripped BO a new one over this. Now David Swanson makes a similar claim, and yet I have found a consensus that this is a very bad idea.

Where do these people get their facts? Are they pulling them out of their … (well, you know)?

Obama votes “present” until Congress returns. By which time Assad will have had another 10 days to disperse his assets and bring in more human shields. The opportunity for a punitive strike is already lost. What a miserable coward.

SmokeVanThorn | August 31, 2013 at 4:09 pm

Funny, Axelrod, I thought you guys told us this was about morality and the national interests of the US – turns out it’s just about trying to score some political points.

My bad for forgetting what cynical, soulless crapweasels you are.

And to be clear – I do not think our strategic interests will be served by an intervention benefitting the “Syrian rebels.”