We have covered the War On Rush Limbaugh run by Media Matters and a bizarre group of dead-enders who spend their days tweeting advertisers and filling up pages on Facebook.

I’m not going to repeat the long, sordid history of the StopRush and FlushRush movements.  But they were hoping to get Limbaugh kicked off the air by intimidating advertisers, and they have failed miserably despite rumors to the contrary.

How desperate is Media Matters to claim some sort of victory?

I told you that Media Matters would claim victory no matter what happened.

And sure enough, Eric Boehlert of Media Matters was tweeting that this was a defeat for Limbaugh because in the NYC market Limbaugh’s moving to WOR which currently has low ratings.

We don’t know the financial details, but it’s almost certain that Limbaugh will raise WOR’s ratings, and probably make a bundle of money in the process.  In any event, that Cumulus re-upped for three years shows that StopRush and FlushRush and Media Matters have failed.


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