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#StopRush better at taking down progressive Twittersphere than stopping Rush

#StopRush better at taking down progressive Twittersphere than stopping Rush

The last we heard of the StopRush movement back in June, it had desended into intrigue, #StopRush was infiltrated, audio recordings and other evidence released

The one thing StopRush never did, was stop Rush.

But they were good at making threats after I exposed the cooordination with Media Matters:

Believe it or not, the in-fighting has devolved even further and now includes others in the “progressive” blogosphere, as reported at BuzzFeed, A Meltdown In The Progressive Twittersphere:

In October 2011, Politico profiled “Obamabots,” online Obama partisans who were beginning to confront more ideological progressives, like Glenn Greenwald and Jane Hamsher. The story focused on Imani Gandy (@angryblacklady) and the then-anonymous @shoq. United in their defense of the president, the two had “formed a transcontinental friendship,” spending the occasional scotch-infused late night trading political rants over Skype.

Today, the bloom is off the rose between Gandy and Shoq. Once transcontinental friends, they now tweet imprecations against each other across the Great Divide. Moreover, their friends in the progressive sphere have chosen sides. A river of anti-Shoq tweets has poured forth from the keyboard of John Cole — Gandy’s most prominent proponent and the proprietor of the popular Balloon-Juice blog. Cole, in turn, has taken extensive return fire from Shoq himself and from his friends and acolytes.

There are a lot more details in the BuzzFeed article.

They all deserve each other.


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Woooopsie..! Just blew some mighty fine snot outta my head thinking of ANY of these Lefty Pissant Midget Punks trying to ***k with The Great One, Maja Rushdie.

Snicker…Cough…Snort…Chortle…Contempt at the mere thought..!

I was @Shoq-Blocked long ago. What a wimp of a person he is. Can’t debate, needs 4-letter words or he’s tongue-tied, totally bombed out on his #WinerGate payback scheme, has no real life, women on the left are constantly outing his real name and calling him out as an abuser.

All in all, he is the epitome of a loser with an overblown ego. Right Matt, you moron?

Okay, so how do we throw gas on this fire?

    David Yotham in reply to punfundit. | November 29, 2012 at 9:41 pm

    Very pertinent question – they eat, breathe and live for whispered gossip. A good imagination is always an asset, but the gossip cannot be totally outrageous. Deception always works best with a recipe of 90% truth and 10% falsehood, infused with the spices of credulity and wonder.

    Another thought; interesting how these statist utopian lovers are unable to unite, except in the most dire circumstances. When they’re not fighting a common enemy they are fighting amongst themselves. I have often thought that the Obama administration throws out red-meat into the pack of lefty wolves just to watch them fight each other – and add to the ‘smoke & mirrors’ of it’s own agenda.

Usually Rush Limbaugh has the answer to things. These days, he sounds as if he’s in the midst of searching for a solution to the seemingly insurmountable problem of a completely corrupt news media and a bunch of wimps running the GOP. On the other hand, Mark Levin seems to see the path forward.

But I’ve learned never to underestimate Rush Limbaugh, and I await the epiphany I believe he will have.

On a more humorous note: Brad Pitt, on Chanel perfume:

For anybody too dumb, thick, stubborn or merely in denial, here’s the trial balloon just floated by the ‘Democrat’ fascist movement in the US:

Obama-buddy Rep. Hank Johnson (D-Ga.) says, “corporations control the patterns of thinking” in the United States and that the Bill of Rights to the Constitution should be amended so that the government is given the power to restrict freedom of speech.

    …And if I’m not mistaken this is the same intellectually superior congressman who interrogated an Admiral in a congressional hearing.
    His question was what the Admiral planned to do to keep the Island of Guam from sinking…
    When they moved 5000 Navy people there.

    He’s right. Comcast/GE, Turner Broadcasting, CBS, ABC’s parent, People’s Broadcasting System,and even Newscorp all control the message. Government control? They already do, via their surrogates, supra.

How on earth can we compete with such maliciousness? Without becoming that ourselves? I find this so troubling on so many levels, but I just don’t have the answer.

Shoq,’Yo: Do you know how much valued sleep Rush misses whilst fretting about your nattering..? BHWAAAAaaaaaa..!!

‘Kay…Let me draw you a whatcha’call picture: Imagine a gnat jumping around a few feet of Jupiter. There, that helpful,’Yo? Gooooood.

Perhaps the principal effect of #StopRush was to significantly increase the readership of Legal Insurrection, once Rush Limbaugh mentioned this blog’s coverage of #StopRush, and since then has periodically mentioned various blog posts. Heck of a job, #StopRush!

John Cole. Once upon a time, I used to defend him from his own comment trolls.

Then he became one of them.