The last we heard of the StopRush movement back in June, it had desended into intrigue, #StopRush was infiltrated, audio recordings and other evidence released

The one thing StopRush never did, was stop Rush.

But they were good at making threats after I exposed the cooordination with Media Matters:

Believe it or not, the in-fighting has devolved even further and now includes others in the “progressive” blogosphere, as reported at BuzzFeed, A Meltdown In The Progressive Twittersphere:

In October 2011, Politico profiled “Obamabots,” online Obama partisans who were beginning to confront more ideological progressives, like Glenn Greenwald and Jane Hamsher. The story focused on Imani Gandy (@angryblacklady) and the then-anonymous @shoq. United in their defense of the president, the two had “formed a transcontinental friendship,” spending the occasional scotch-infused late night trading political rants over Skype.

Today, the bloom is off the rose between Gandy and Shoq. Once transcontinental friends, they now tweet imprecations against each other across the Great Divide. Moreover, their friends in the progressive sphere have chosen sides. A river of anti-Shoq tweets has poured forth from the keyboard of John Cole — Gandy’s most prominent proponent and the proprietor of the popular Balloon-Juice blog. Cole, in turn, has taken extensive return fire from Shoq himself and from his friends and acolytes.

There are a lot more details in the BuzzFeed article.

They all deserve each other.

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