Sweeping the internets, based on Drudge exclusive, not yet confirmed by Fox News:

Drudge - Megyn Kelly in at 9

If true, it would mark a shift away from opinion coverage as we approach 2014-2016. If, that is, Hannity is out.

This doesn’t exhaust all the possibilities, but includes the ones that came to mind.

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UPDATE 3:45 p.m.: I guess it depends on what the meaning of “stars” is:

FNC CEO Roger Ailes, being interviewed by Fox Business News anchor Neil Cavuto at a 21st Century Fox investors confab this afternoon, said, when asked about the report Megyn Kelly was getting Sean Hannity’s 9 PM timeslot: “All of our stars will be back.” Ailes gave Hannity a ringing endorsement, calling him a brand loved by viewers.

UPDATE 6 p.m.: Hmmmm…..

“Shep and I have been working quietly on something we will roll out in September on how news is presented, a new way to deliver news,” Ailes said, according to TVNewser. “Shep is the premiere newsman in the country. Everyone wanted to hire him, he stayed with us.”