Actually, this law wasn’t intended to punish crime victims, that’s the result of an ideology that demonizes legal gun owners–even to the point that they are considered more dangerous than violent sexual predators with known criminal records:

On Sunday, Governor Pat Quinn signed Illinois House Bill 1189, a law that will, among other things, impose requirements–on pain of criminal charges–on victims of crime. If your gun is stolen, and you fail to promptly notify the police, you are now the criminal.

Oh, by the way–confused by the initial description on the Illinois General Assembly website–that the bill “amends the Sex Offender Registration Act”? That’s what the bill would have done, before being amended to reflect Chicago-area Democrats’ view that gun owning crime victims pose a greater danger to the public than sex offenders do. (source)

We’re no stranger to this concept that Second Amendment-supporting, legal gun owners are somehow the problem with society. 

Isn’t this twisted logic the rationale behind the latest push against “stand your ground” laws?  You shouldn’t be able to stand your ground if you are assaulted, suffer a home invasion, or are the victim of any other violent crime.  The alternative is to be victimized, possibly murdered.  Anything but actually defending yourself, your loved ones, or your property.

Isn’t this the sort of thinking that prompted leftists to urge college students to get “rape whistles” rather than legally-owned guns or training in self-defense?  And isn’t this twisted logic that it’s better to be a victim of a violent crime than someone who can legally use whatever force necessary to save oneself behind the laughable notion that women should “pee themselves” in order to discourage rapists?

After all, goes the “thinking,” it’s best to just arm yourself with some scissors when a gun-wielding maniac starts firing off rounds at a crowd than actually allowing anyone the means to shoot back, so the fact that Illinois is punishing gun owners for the “crime” of being the victim of a crime is really no surprise.


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