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Egypt: “Friday of Anger” LIVE coverage

Egypt: “Friday of Anger” LIVE coverage

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After several hundred people were killed yesterday, the Muslim Brotherhood has called for “Friday of Anger” protests across the country.

Video livestreams (More here):

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And the State Department is extolling the Egypt and Libya policies as deserving of a nobel peace prize?

A.F. Branco had it pegged when he called this Administration’s leader a clown. (I am loathe to refer to him as President anymore, since that would imply a modicum of respect)

Heck, I have more respect for Tuffy.

The Muslim Brotherhood, otherwise known as the Islam’s crime family, pretend to worship and follow some god they named Allah when in fact they worship the power and control over others via the tyrannical Sharia Law and specifically through its inherent misogyny.

southcentralpa | August 16, 2013 at 9:34 am

Why do I have a feeling that Bill Ayers is watching all this with an wistful longing for what might have been …

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    What difference does it make? If Obama gets personally involved he will certainly make things worse. And, let’s face it. He does not give a ratsass about a bunch of dead Christians.

Day of rage? ROFLMAO! That is the permanent state of Islam’s adherents.

Friday is Islamists favorite day for bloodshed and atrocity anyway. Favorite targets, mosques, churches, police stations, courthouses, aid workers, nuns, school girls.

Very ugly religion, Islam. Or is it a mental condition, a kind of psychopathology or sociopathy?

    Uncle Samuel in reply to Uncle Samuel. | August 16, 2013 at 1:47 pm

    A review of the actions of Islamists over Ramadan HERE, along with a photo of Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood beasts throwing a police car over a bridge with the police in it.

    There have been over 21,400 deadly jihad attacks since 9/11/01.

    Islam racks up more bodies than any other group except for the Abortionists (Obama, Hillary, Texas Abortion Barbie and Sebelius even more bloodthirsty religion)

      BannedbytheGuardian in reply to Uncle Samuel. | August 16, 2013 at 11:01 pm

      Not necessarily so. The driver reversed off the bridge.

      The pic has too few people & they are too far away unless you think that the one guy is Samson.

      The photos of the bridge above suggests the driver of the military/ police personnel vehicle saw the crowd & attempted to do a 3 point turn to flee.

People have to eat. Unlike syria, where every building, road, and hut, was shot at. Had rebels coming in digging in. Digging tunnals. Killing off locals. Being supplied through our CIA, all Assad had was Iran. And, Russia. And, he’s brought the fighting to “end stage.”

Just like the mishandling in Egypt, Israel’s release of murderers. And, packing Jordan full of ordance and training facilities, we are CODDLING the rebels!

Obama sez he’s close to deciding on a “no fly” (in mens pants) zone. Like Iran and Russia won’t have means to reach inside syria. (And, the biggest threat? Those 400 shoulder missiles that can knock down planes and buildings.)

Good guess as long as Egypt’s “hot” … nothing will happen to Syria … since Obama wants the world to know what he can do “when all he does is make phone calls.)

El Sisi didn’t take his call, yesterday. And, all the blind mice we sent to Eygpt FIZZLED. Ms. Linday Graham. McPain McCain. Burns. Kerry. And, the female ambassador that has ALL Egypt out and screaming (Anne Paterson?) that she should go home.

The Japanese are treating Caroline Kennedy nicer.

while diplomacy never did anything but make things worse.

Egypt’s military has lots of experience in keeping Egypt under control. While all you see are the areas of combustion.

I’m sure Assad is glad to see “rebels” getting out of syria so they can run to Cairo. Where they make noises. And, some will die.

Friday’s are always big in Islam. Everyone whose avoided going to the mosque during the week, at least goes on Fridays. And, besides the hate, it wouldn’t surprise me that the imams hand out coins to the destitute. Along with clean shirts. Or haven’t you noticed when pictures are taken everyone’s in a fresh clean shirt.

WHO KNOWS? But with Obama now so “busy” in the Mideast … where he’s like a fireman sans any delivery system to ease any of the situations … The “talks” to create a “Two-Stater” free of Jews … may have hit it’s own “bump in the road?” I’m all for some easing of these tensions … created by American bumblers. From State. The military. And, of course the cherry on top: Obama.

It’s a good start.

Don’t…DON’T believe everything you see in/on any media