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Egypt: Death toll rises after armed confrontations, Christian churches burned

Egypt: Death toll rises after armed confrontations, Christian churches burned

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BREAKING OBAMA STATEMENT – Condemns violence, cancels joint military exercise, but no aid cutoff:

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The death toll from yesterday’s violence has risen to over 500, including numerous policemen.

It’s also becoming clear that the Muslim Brotherhood fired weapons on police who sought to evict the protester’s encampment, which likely contributed to the high death toll as police responded with live fire (video via WaPo):

Attacks on Christian churches by Islamists also have spread (list here).

Video livestreams (More here):

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Why do Muslims kill Christians when they get worked up?

Because there weren’t any Jews handy.

    Juba Doobai! in reply to Musson. | August 15, 2013 at 4:11 pm

    Your implication is false. If there were Jews around, they would kill BOTH Jews AND Chrstians because the Koran tells them that their mission in life s to kill us BOTH.

Another Voice | August 15, 2013 at 9:03 am

“The people of Egypt will take to every square in Egypt — Cairo, Alexandria, Tanta and in Upper Egypt,” said Mohammed Attiya, a supporter of Morsi as he went to a protest in the Nile Delta. “They will be there until they end the coup.”

Apparently Obama and Kerry have not yet spoken with Mohammed Attiya on the status of this “internal conflict”.

The Islamists have done exactly as they have threatened to do.

Their idea of “peaceful demonstrations” is attacking Christians. Note the date on this article, and the content of the video that is attached. The newspapers have been pretending that these “demonstrations” are “mostly peaceful” — which seems to translate to “murderous.”

These ARE peaceful demonstrations!

If they were anything but, these Egyptian Arabs would be castrating each other, slashing throats and cutting of their political opponents’ heads, ears, fingers, and shoving chopped off penises into the mouths of the dead. Because that is what Arabs do to their dead enemies.

Anyway, how does anyone know that these aren’t just honor killings? Those are culturally approved.

And for the record: Egyptians are starving; so the more dead the more food to go around. See, there’s an upside to everything!

Henry Hawkins | August 15, 2013 at 10:37 am

The crime here is two-fold:

1. Auto-play video.
2. Auto-play video with Obama’s voice.

It’s not violence if the dead are Islamists, Morsi-supporters and the Muslime Brotherhood. To the contrary, it’s called turnabout, fair play and good shooting.

The death of Morsi opponents was hailed as an “Arab Spring”. Now that Morsi supporters are dying there is a humanitarian crisis. All the while Morsi opponents are murdered and intimidated.

Neither Arabs nor Islam are native to Egypt and both were imposed through the sword. End the occupation of Egypt!? Where are the flotillas? Where are the bigots?

When will Obama speak up on behalf of Christians? It’s an academic question. We really don’t expect him to. He’s not big enough to embrace and demand justice for either Jews or Chrstians.