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The Year of Confirmed Suspicions — Mighty Nice Computer Equipment You Have There

The Year of Confirmed Suspicions — Mighty Nice Computer Equipment You Have There

A continuation of The Year In Which All Conspiracy Theories Want To Come True

I don’t know what this is all about, but it’s mighty suspicious.

Could be just some petty criminals, or could be something more nefarious.

The only reason we’re raising it is that this is The Year In Which All Conspiracy Theories Want To Come True.

A reader sent me this link to Foreign Policy Magazine, Cameras Catch Mystery Break-In at Whistleblower’s Law Firm , but it has a pop-up which prevents viewing unless you register, so here’s the story from Hot Air:

A Dallas office building suffered multiple break-ins over a weekend, but curiously, all in one suite. An unlocked office across the hall with expensive computer equipment went untouched, as did bars of silver in the office that did get burglarized. Either these burglars were the most incompetent ever as they kept going back to the same office and coming up empty — or they wanted something very specific. And what makes the latter the most likely scenario is that the office that got burglarized happens to be the law office representing a State Department whistleblower that wants to expose corruption and obstruction at the highest levels of Foggy Bottom (via Jammie Wearing Fool):

Probably nothing.


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txantimedia | July 8, 2013 at 1:12 pm

It will be interesting to see if Dallas PD investigates and solves the crime.

    Mark Buehner in reply to txantimedia. | July 8, 2013 at 1:22 pm

    They wont. There is surveillance footage though. If anybody wants this pursued better do it yourself, crowd source. Good look expecting LE to take care of it.

[…] Go out and get your tinfoil, it's about to get strange, real strange, up in this piece. Attorneys in Dallas, Texas representing federal whistleblowers against the State Department have their offices burglarized in a "unique" way, but only for computers. Yeah, I won't be making any sarcastic comments about conspiracy theorists anytime soon. The Year of Confirmed Suspicions ? Mighty Nice Computer Equipment You Have There […]

I read that article this morning and thought ‘Wow’. Watergate II. But then questioned why the NSA simply didn’t steal everything electronically. This, of course, is a gubmint job. Who authorized it? But to quote Hillary, ‘What difference does it make’?

    Mark Buehner in reply to walls. | July 8, 2013 at 1:24 pm

    Not every interested entity has hooks in the NSA. The likely suspects (if you buy into the conspiracy anyway) are the individuals in State on the hook. Or someone in charge of them. Hillary Clinton probably cant drop a note in a parking garage and have the NSA wipe somebodys server. But she can certainly have one of her lackeys do some petty larceny for the cause.

Henry Hawkins | July 8, 2013 at 1:36 pm

Geez, calm down. State Dept spokesperson Jen Psaki has assured us that nobody in the State Dept had anything to do with this break-in, just like she assured us any reports that John Kerry was playing on his yacht while Egypt burned were likewise spurious.

Henry Hawkins | July 8, 2013 at 1:37 pm

(If it’s State, it’s Hillary, and if it’s Hillary, it’s Cheryl Mills pulling the strings here).

Add this break-in to the LONG, LONG list of clinton crimes…

For those who want to understand better the PURE EVIL that is Shrillary Rotten Clinton, watch the movie from 2008 that the clinton’s had their hollyweird pals BAN from all US theaters…

Note in particular, the statement by Dick Morris – who is a lousy pollster but an absolute expert on the clinton mentality and criminality – of his grave fear of having Shrillary in charge of the IRS, the NSA and other harassment, intimidation, threatening elements of the federal government police state. She’d make the OBOZO totalitarian regime seem benign in comparison.

The movie presents a truly frightening picture of what is likely under a second “monica-stain” bill/Shrillary regime.

Henry Hawkins | July 8, 2013 at 1:56 pm

That only certain computers and dead tree files were targeted is your clue that this is a political operation.

Another clue is that there was no attempt to make it look like a routine burglary by stealing found but ignored items like bars of silver, valuable coins, etc., along with the real target computer and files.

Being able to slip locks and penetrate wallboard walls to access the target offices indicates burglary experience.

Prediction: Dallas PD uses the videotape to ID the burglars, who turn out to have petty crime records and connections to SEIU, ACORN (or its euphemized replacement orgs), or some other Democrat Party-supporting org.

My conspiracy theory: ObamaCare is about handing out as much public money and buying as many big-government votes as possible, and health care is only the excuse.

Oh, Look!

Henry Hawkins | July 8, 2013 at 2:35 pm

My conspiracy theory: As the covert hi-tech identification, harassment, and attack of political opponents by the Obama administration, using the powers and capacities of the IRS, NSA, EPA, etc., is revealed and fleshed out by the new media, their methods by needs must become increasingly lo-tech and old school – like burglary.

Henry Hawkins | July 8, 2013 at 2:37 pm

Oh, and the Professor is less of a “potted plant” during these days of the attention-sponging Zimmerman trial than an orchestra’s cymbalist, going CRASH every ten minutes of ‘music’ or so.

Midwest Rhino | July 8, 2013 at 3:47 pm

My theory is that the more outrageous conspiracy theories are floated as cover for the real conspiracies.

For example, there is a lot in Obama’s past that is questionable, but questioning his ties to former communists, or details about his broken family history … all gets labeled as “birther mentality”.

If one shows man’s CO2 is not CAUSING warming (AGW), then he is a “global warming denier”, or now “climate change denier”, akin to holocaust deniers.

They avoid the real scandal by always deferring to the more obvious … Obama was born in Hawaii, climate does change. So don’t ask any more questions you goofy denier.

The phony diversionary conspiracy theories will remain absurd. But as reality comes to light, we might find some that sounded crazy are actually true. Cloward Piven comes to mind … destroy the “capitalism with safety net” system, by throwing everyone in the safety net, and making it more comfortable than the work zone.

Strange isn’t it that the little king’s publisher biography for the company that marketed Bill Ayer’s book about his pretend life is still unknown to 95% of the country. You know, the one that claimed for over 10 years that he was born in Kenya.

One would think that would be of some interest to more than 1 person in 20.

Instead 19 of 20 people think that Birthers are crazy.

btw, I think the menace was born in Hawaii to Anne Dunham and some unidentified black guy. But based on the FACT that he himself claimed a Kenyan birth, I can’t see how questioning his birth makes anybody crazy.

Interesting question: Did the police actually dust for fingerprints at the office? Sometimes that is an indication of just how seriously they take a crime. With even partial prints, they can nail these two casual nitwits to the wall, but if the police just breezed in, filled our their forms, and breezed out again like they do in too many robberies, they would have to catch the thieves in direct possession of the stolen property to have a chance of conviction.

I’d say that them being political and them being incompetent are not mutually exclusive. Ignoring other valuable items while focusing on the files & drives just screams that this is political. You want to make something look like random crime, it should, you know, look like random crime.