In the Chinese calendar, this is the Year of Confirmed Suspicions.  (I made that up, but it should be true.)

And the confirmation started with the IRS scandal:

Conspiracy theory: Democrats only want to pass a pathway to citizenship as part of immigration reform because they want to create more Democratic voters and make permanent Democratic control of the presidency and push a progressive agenda.



Yeah, yeah, but it’s just some SEIU guy, no connection to Obama administration policy and Democratic Party goals as part of immigration reform.


In 2010, Medina was unanimously elected to serve as International Secretary-Treasurer of the 2.1 million-member union.

In 2012, Medina led SEIU to help deliver the Latin vote. He was at the forefront of voter engagement in the Latino community. Along with Mi Familia Vota, an organization Medina founded in 1998, and other advocacy organizations, he galvanized the Latino vote through a multi-state bus tour called Todos a Votar, where he registered Latino voters on the ground and mobilized them to the polls. The successful tour managed to put a spotlight on the unprecedented number of registered Latino voters and the promise that he made: a turnout of 12 million Hispanic voters nationwide in November (

The goal was reached. Medina had also promised that the Latino vote would send a clear mandate to the President and Congress: the time is now for commonsense immigration reform with a clear pathway to citizenship. As Medina predicted, the message was received. In beginning of 2013, both President Obama and Congress made immigration reform the top priority. Medina was invited to be present at the president’s speech in Las Vegas, NV where he announced his principles for a comprehensive immigration solution.

His words and efforts, both on the ground and behind the scenes, placed him at the forefront of the fight for immigration reform. He has met with President Obama and several leaders in Congress, and is on the leadership team of immigrant and civil rights, labor, business and faith organizations that are pushing for a fair legislation on immigration.

Other confirmed suspicion?

Republicans in the Senate who voted for the Gang of 8 bill were played, big time.

The Year of Confirmed Suspicions, indeed.


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