Arab armies could not defeat Israel.

Nor could Palestinians turning their young adults into walking guided missiles.

Nor could Hamas rockets, nor will Hezbollah missiles. Iranian nukes pose a unique future threat, which will need to be dealt with at some point.

But there is a war Israel is losing, badly. The lawfare war, the use of false legal premises about the illegality of Israel’s actions to delegitimize Israel generally, and to attempt to force territorial concessions which are not in Israel’s national, religious or security interest.

Whether it is the U.N. Human Rights Council and European judges applying standards on the conduct of war uniquely and exclusively to Israel, or the BDS movement embraced by the Islamist-Leftist coalition gaining traction in science and academia, lawfare is a clear and present danger to Israel.

The latest is a directive from the EU directing members not to deal with any part of Israel over the 1949 armistice line:

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu spoke out on Tuesday against a new European Union directive that bars its 28 member states from cooperating with Israeli entities in the West Bank, the Golan Heights and East Jerusalem. Netanyahu said Israel wouldn’t accept dictates about its borders from any outside forces.

“As prime minister, I won’t allow hundreds of thousands of Israelis living in the West Bank, Golan Heights, and in Jerusalem — our united capital — to be harmed,” he said….

The EU directive, sent out on June 30 and set to take effect on Friday, extends to “all funding, cooperation, and the granting of scholarships, research grants and prizes” to Israeli entities in East Jerusalem, the Golan Heights and the West Bank.

It also requires that any contracts between EU member countries and Israel henceforth include a clause stating that East Jerusalem and the West Bank are not part of the state of Israel.

The directive is based on legal falsehood that the 1949 armistice line (often referred to as the pre-1967 borders) renders Israeli occupation “illegal.” To the contrary, it was Jordanian occupation of the West Bank and East Jerusalem prior to 1967 that was illegal:

None of this history matters, politically.

Anti-Israeli groups have owned the messaging for at least two generations.

I don’t know if the lawfare battle is lost, but I do know that Israel is losing it, badly.

Update: Be sure to read EU wishes to force Israel back to 1949 by Anne in Petach Tikva, and The baseless hatred of the EU towards Israel by Melanie Phillips.


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