Since today is a relatively slow news day (he says, probably to be surprised), it’s a good time for another legal history lesson, from law professor Eugene Kontorovich, who also is affiliated with The Lawfare Project.

We previously featured his lecture, The Legal Case for Israel, which addressed the mythology that Israel illegally occupies the West Bank.  In fact, as Prof. Kontorovich explained in great detail, it was Jordan which illegally occupied the West Bank after the armistice of 1949 until 1967.  Israel took back what illegally had been taken from it.

But that is not what we are led to believe by the media, politicians and international organizations hostile to Israel.  Indeed, the Palestinians just announced they will not even return to negotiations unless Israel accepts the precondition of a return to the 1949 armistice borders.

Kontorovich’s recent interview on Shalom TV (h/t Daled Amos) is worth a listen in its entirety. If you want, jump ahead to 16:30 where he discussed the legality of “settlements” and how Israel has been treated differently than other countries in this regard.

What land Israel chooses to give up as part of an ultimate peace agreement will be a political and military decision.

The notion that Israel illegally occupies places such as the Jewish Quarter of Jerusalem, however, is just a historical fraud and a powerful weapon in the war on Israel.


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