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Although it’s been obvious this would happen, it now is official.

Fireworks at Tahrir Square:

Tahrir Square Fireworks Morsi removed from power 2

Via NBC News:

“We swear to God to sacrifice with our blood for Egypt and its people against any terrorist, extremist or ignoramus,” the military said in a statement. “Long live Egypt and its proud people.”

The army took control of state television and sent troops to parts of Cairo where crowds sympathetic to Morsi had gathered. Supporters of the president said democracy was being subverted by a military intervention, and the Muslim Brotherhood, which backs Morsi, said some of its leaders had been arrested.

Civilian political, religious and youth leaders were summoned to meet with the top generals and planned a statement later in the day. Mohamed ElBaradei, the former head of the U.N. nuclear weapons agency and a critic of Morsi, attended the meeting, as did a leading Sunni Muslim cleric and the head of Egypt’s Coptic Christians.

Egyptian Military Statement being read on TV

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