(Live video and Twitter feeds at Muslim Brotherhood “Day of Rejection” in Egypt.)

Kind of back to the future, considering how Mubarak cracked down on the Muslim Brotherhood for decades.

There may be elections in the future, but the military seems intend on weakening the MB in the interim, via NBC News:

A crackdown on the Muslim Brotherhood movement got underway in Egypt Thursday with the arrest of several leading members following the military overthrow of Islamist President Mohammed Morsi and his replacement by a top judge.

A leading member of the Muslim Brotherhood warned ouster of Morsi, a member of the movement, could prompt some groups to resort to violence, though he said the Brotherhood would not do so.

The deposed president was under house arrest at the Republican Guard Club and that most members of presidential team had also been placed under house arrest, a Brotherhood spokesman said.

Judge Tharwat Hammad said Thursday that judicial authorities had opened an investigation into accusations Morsi and eight other senior leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood had defamed the judiciary. A travel ban was imposed on all of them. The prosecutor expects to question Morsi some time next week.

A prosecutor also ordered the arrest of the Muslim Brotherhood’s Supreme Guide Mohammed Badie, and a top deputy, Khairat el-Shater, for allegedly ordering the killing of protesters outside of the Brotherhood’s headquarters on Sunday, judicial sources said.

Al-Jazeera’s offices were shut, as it was seen as sympathetic to Morsi:

Other MB television and media channels have been shut as well.

According to the Iranians, Morsi’s biggest mistake was not taking full control of the military and security services, via Fox News:

Alaeddin Boroujerdi, head of the Iranian parliament’s Committee on National Security and Foreign Policy, said Morsi “mistakenly” failed to reshape Egypt’s powerful military and other security agencies.

“The first mistake by the … Brotherhood was that they thought they would be able to conclude the revolution only by toppling Hosni Mubarak,” he said, adding that Morsi also failed to solve key economic problems in Egypt.

It remains to be seen whether the MB will try to exert itself on the streets. Consider it likely.

Since we can’t monitor the situation today, here’s are live Twitter feeds. We’ll update if anything big happens.

UPDATE: Looks like Friday will be the test of Muslim Brotherhood street power:

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