Off to Israel late tonight.

My itinerary is something along the lines of Tel Aviv-Jerusalem-Tiberias-Golan Heights/TheNorth.

I’m scheduled to meet some really interesting people, so there likely will be some posts from me while I’m away.  (In addition to some prescheduled posts, and well, I do have a 10 hour flight on which I have to keep busy.)

And yes, I will bore you with photos of my trip. I promise, though, not to horrify you with photos of me in a Speedo on the beach.

In what is sure to be very emotional, I’m reconnecting with a refusenik family I was close to while a student in Moscow in 1980.

Until I return at the end of the month, Mandy is wielding the hammer here, MMA style.  Contact her with any blog technical problems.

Please behave while we’re gone.  This is the first trip mom and dad have taken in a long time. Mandy is the boss of you until we get back.

The usual suspects contributors will continue posting, and several bloggers generously have agreed to pitch in:

Be sure to thank them all for helping out, and bookmark their blogs.

Next week in Jerusalem.

I’ll be in Israel as John Kerry and the EU turn up the pressure for Israel to re-divide the city.


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