Egypt’s military chief has issued an ultimatum of sorts – the army will intervene with its own solution if the country’s leaders don’t answer the demands of the people within 48 hours.  Since protesters are demanding that Morsi resign, it’s unclear precisely what this means at this time.  A written statement is expected to be released shortly.


The head of Egypt’s military has given the country’s politicians 48 hours to meet the demands of the people.  General Abdel Fattah al-Sisi wants the politicians to agree an “inclusive” road map for the way ahead, he said in a statement on state television.

From Haaretz Daily:

The head of Egypt’s armed forces gave politicians 48 hours on Monday to answer demands made by the Egyptian people or the military would offer its own “road map for the future.”

In a statement read on state television, General Abdel Fattah al-Sisi called mass protests on Sunday, which called for Islamist President Mohammed Morsi to resign, an “unprecedented” expression of the popular will.


UPDATED 1:00pm EST with full statement from Egypt’s military, courtesy of NPR:

“Armed Forces asserts the following:

“The Armed Forces will not take part in the policy making and will not accept a role outside of the democratic framework set by the people.

“The nation’s national security is under threat following the latest developments, each side should exhibit responsibility.

“The Armed Forces had previously expected this instability, had given a week for the various forces to reach consensus and end the crisis, but this week passed with no action, which led the people to go on the streets, to express their freedom in a manner that impressed the local and international community.

“Wasting more time will not result except in more polarization and conflict. The people of Egypt have suffered for so long with no one to save them. Accordingly, the Armed Forces feels obligated to embrace the will of the people who proved they are ale to do the impossible.

“The Armed Forces renews its call and give the political forces a 48 hour ultimatum as a last chance to carry the burdens of this historic situation that the nation is going through.

“The Armed Forces calls upon everyone that if the people’s demands aren’t set within the timeframe, based on its historic and national obligation it will have to declare a roadmap and procedures that oversee to include all mainstreams including the youth who started this glorious revolution without excluding anyone.”

Livestream of protesters on the ground is available here in a separate window.

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