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Unfortunately, he knows already

Unfortunately, he knows already

I’ve answered this question before.  He knows, he knows.

From Diana:

Professor Jacobson,

I enjoy your blog immensely and I’m glad that Cornell Law students get to hear at least one conservative viewpoint from the faculty. When I was there in the mid 1990s, we had Jonathan Macey and Jim Henderson.

I suspect that being a conservative in Ithaca has gotten tougher since then, if the tone of liberal politicians and media types generally is any indication. I encountered some people who thought I was misguided politically, but nobody who was overtly hostile or contemptuous.

I have attached a photo of a bumper sticker taken at my office in Branson, MO. It belongs to one of my neighbors.

Keep up the good work!

Bumper Sticker - Branson MO - Trillion


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Obama’s NSA is way beyond what comes after a trillion.

The storage capacity of the Utah Data Center will be measured in “zettabytes”. What exactly is a zettabyte? There are a thousand gigabytes in a terabyte; a thousand terabytes in a petabyte; a thousand petabytes in an exabyte; and a thousand exabytes in a zettabyte. Some of our employees like to refer to them as “alottabytes”.

Just substitute dollars for bytes…