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The odds always favor the house

The odds always favor the house

A fairly good metaphor.

A follow up to the earlier post about Barack Obama Avenue in East St. Louis, sent to us by a reader, who writes:

Update : E.St. Louis Barack Avenue

Building the case he’s Santa Claus….

Barack Avenue


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It would be a C-O-L-D day in hell before I’d exit anywhere in East St. Louis! But for some, the free stuff is just to much..

They are already naming streets after him? Jeez Louise, let him get out of office first.

Nice. A multi-level metaphor.

several tacky, tasteless and utterly snarky quips come to mind, but i’ll be good and post them somewhere else. %-)

A corollary is that the criminal always holds the advantage.

I think it’s shameful the way they’re Slot-Shaming with that sign. And frankly Professor, you aren’t helping by spreading this kind of image around. Loosest Slots indeed.

Henry Hawkins | June 28, 2013 at 11:44 am

Odd fact about Barack Obama Avenue – it only has left lanes.

It has always been sad that if you saw a sign for Martin Luther King Drive, you knew you were in trouble. A great man shouldn’t have been “honored” by naming streets for him only in such neighborhoods.

Now with Obama,it seems very fitting. Coupling that with a government sanctioned and regulated casino (where the odds are much worse than with your local bookie) it makes it perfect. The government fleecing the poor and honoring the guy who has fleeced them more than anyone.