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James O’Keefe knows how to roll out a new book

James O’Keefe knows how to roll out a new book

Today is the official release date of James O’Keefe’s new book which Leslie reviewed this weekend, Book Review: James O’Keefe’s Breakthrough.

In honor of the release, I assume, O’Keefe rolls out what is sure to become a viral video (via Drudge/Daily Mail):

Drudge - Got a Phone

Daily Mail - Obama Phone

Here’s the video:


Donations tax deductible
to the full extent allowed by law.


Wish they had tried telling the phone dispensers that phones would be sold to donate to the tea party …just to see the reactions.

$2.2 billion dollars that could not be cut from the federal budget because SHUT UP!

    Aarradin in reply to jdkchem. | June 18, 2013 at 5:53 pm

    Its not paid for by tax dollars.

    The money comes out of the monthly bills of anyone silly enough to actually still pay for their own cellphone.

    Look at your bill, there should be something like “universal access charge” on it.

    The reason why these ‘free’ phones have become unbiquitous is because the phone companies have an economic incentive to increase their use, and no disincentive at all to limit them. They get income from everyone they sign up. Its paid for out of a slushfund created by the universal access fees. What few checks there are on them – income requirements, citizenship, etc, are simply ignored. Since the program is run by private companies, Congress can’t even do their oversight routine like they do with govt agencies.

    The federal govt loves them because all they had to do was pass a bill to require the program be set up. The phone companies do all the work. They collect the money, they sign people up, they manage the whole thing. No taxes needed, no govt administrators needed. So long as the number of people paying their own way significantly outnumber those on ‘Obamaphones’, no one is even complaining about the surcharge to their phone bill.

    Plus, like every other dependency program, everyone that gets one is more likely to vote Democrat, knowing full well that Republicans might end the program but Democrats will always seek to expand it.

2nd Ammendment Mother | June 18, 2013 at 8:02 pm

Merely a tax by another name:
“In the past, only long distance companies made contributions to support the federal Universal Service Fund. In 1996, the United States Congress passed the Telecommunications Act that expanded the types of companies contributing to the Universal Service Fund.

Currently, all telecommunications companies that provide service between states, including long distance companies, local telephone companies, wireless telephone companies, paging companies, and payphone providers, are required to contribute to the federal Universal Service Fund. Carriers providing international services also must contribute to the Universal Service Fund. Since an FCC order released in June 2006, providers of VoIP services are obligated to contribute as well.

Telecommunications companies pay contributions into one central fund. The USAC makes payments from this central fund to support the four Universal Service Fund programs.”

Now, as things roll along and the Obama campaign folks keep bragging about their brilliant campaigning, I keep thinking back to the massive datamining operation they were running. Their claim is that they were reaching previously unknown voters and targeting them with frequent and personalized messages…. seems like an Obamaphone would be a good delivery method and a couple of Obama’s major donors were right in the middle of passing them out like candy.

But then again, I’ve been re-reading the DaVinci Code… I’m probably imagining things!