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In the mail: James O’Keefe’s Breakthrough

In the mail: James O’Keefe’s Breakthrough

I was pleased to receive a copy of James O’Keefe’s new book, Breakthrough — Our Guerilla War to Expose Fraud and Save Democracy.

The book will formally be rolled out next week, but you can pre-order at Amazon.

James O'Keefe Breakthrough front cover

Leslie will be doing a full review of the book, hopefully by next week.

The back cover has the iconic O’Keefe shot from the ACORN take down:

James O'Keefe Breakthrough back cover

His undercover operations gave new meaning to the term “shovel ready“:

(language warning)

He’s a lightening rod for the left. The book should be interesting.


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BannedbytheGuardian | June 12, 2013 at 7:27 pm

Why did he put any pants at all on the girl ? Just 2 inches OKeefe & you would have the pic you want.

When your bottom top is below your tan line – in front of a major American iconic landmark – it is just sad.

If Keefe was a left-winger exposing Republicans or conservatives, he would have been on the cover of all the major magazines, he would have had a Hollywood movie about his life and he would have been invited to the White House almost as many times as the IRS director.

He has done an amazing job in catching the hypocrites. If you want to have fun, watch his video with the NY state construction unions.

I really admire O’Keefe but ACORN just changed it’s multiple names and came back bigger and better than ever. Let’s face it, the 50%+ of Americans who voted for Obama absolutely don’t care about this stuff.

    Lina Inverse in reply to snopercod. | June 13, 2013 at 10:59 am

    Indeed, one of the telling things about ACORN was that it was organized like a criminal enterprise, not one formal organization, or even, say, in the ACLU model a national org with state chapters that don’t always move in lockstep with it, but as numerous units organized to hide who controls what, and plenty of internal fraud.

Gah–I’m a big fan of this blog, and it pains me somewhat to see this little shout out to James O’Keefe. That bizarre, totally inappropriate, and inexplicable sex boat seduction prank he apparently tried to pull demonstrates to me that he is a major doofus. (Inviting a reporter to interview you at your ship, and waving dildos around in her face? He’s supposed to be some kind of flag-carrier for rational conservative thought? A break: give me one.) The fact that he riles lefties alone shouldn’t be enough to establish his cred.