Think the Tea Party’s disappearing? Not according to advertisers, who featured the theme in two ads broadcast in the prime final moments of Monday’s Boston v. Chicago NHL finals game.

FiatUSA takes the continually on-trend Founding Fathers theme as the centerpiece of its “Italian Invasion – Fiat 500L” ad, which debuted June 20, although puts an irreverent spin on the Tea Party. Fiat’s ad adjusts Paul Revere’s ad, reimagining what might have happened had the Italians been coming, and not the British. From Fiat:

Just imagine how different America might have been if the Italians had invaded instead of the British. When the all-new, bigger FIAT® 500L shows up, things get a whole lot more fun.

Near the end of the spot, one of the women remarks, “this is going to be much better than a Tea Party” — a slight slight to the Tea Party? Some of us might view it that way.

Contrast Fiat’s re-imagining of the Tea Party with the Boston Beer Company’s Samuel Adams commercial. While also choosing to evoke the Revolutionary War period (understandable given their namesake) in their latest ad, it’s a bit more reverent. The commercial includes an edited (“by their Creator” is absent) reading of the Declaration of Independence and finishes by saying, “we bow to no kings. declare your independence.”

It seems the Tea Party isn’t going anywhere — for advertisers, at least.

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