Chris Christie all but hands Cory Booker a Senate seat on a silver platter, not giving Republicans a chance to mount what would have been a tough fight in 2014, and it’s cool and he’s a media star.

From John Sexton at,

Chris Christie is running in 2016. This clip shows why he, unlike the two prior GOP nominees, can win. Can u dig it?

In this age of low information voters, you don’t win elections without being able to do this sort of thing. What exactly is this sort of thing? It’s being a celebrity and having a winning sense of humor about yourself.

Add to that, make sure you are cool in ways that help Democrats. It’s the only way to get on late night television without being the target.

Doing these appearances just reinforces the problem.  It was true when Mitt Romney and Rick Perry did it, and it’s true with Chris Christie.

The media is loving you only when you obey their political preferences.  Go on these shows, by all means, but without pandering.

You think you are slow jamming, but you’re just slow cooking our goose.