John Kass predicted that Jay Carney would be the fall guy for Obama.

And that certainly would fit in with the defensive narrative whenever Obama fails at anything — it’s a messaging problem, not the message, and definitely not Obama.

As the administration can’t keep its story straight on just about anything, the messenger will be taken out.

That’s how it’s supposed to go.

Carney, however, seems to want to hasten the process:

“Do the questions raised about HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius and her efforts  to raise funds though the private sector for Enroll Now fall into that  category?” asked Major Garrett, CBS News’ chief White House correspondent, as  regards recent scandals to which the White House has been forced to  respond.

“We can go down the list of questions,” Mr. Carney replied. “We  can say: ‘What about the president’s birth certificate. Was that  legitimate?’”

“I’m asking about Sebelius,” Mr. Garrett said. “I’m not  asking about that.”

(video added, h/t Hot Air)

It will go something like this: “I have resigned my position because the Republicans and some in the media have sought to make me the issue. It’s not about me. There is too much to be done to allow distractions regarding me to become distractions. You’re not going to have me to kick around anymore.”

Update – They are losing the messaging war, Fox News poll: Majority thinks White House knew about IRS actions

Voters are concerned about the Internal Revenue Service’s targeting of  conservative political groups for unfair treatment, and over half think the  White House either knew it was happening or — worse yet –was actually behind  the operation.

That’s  according to a Fox News poll released Tuesday.

How bad is it? 47% of Democrats and 44% of Liberals think Obama knew or directed the targeting of conservatives.

 Fox News Poll Scandals 5-21-2013 Q11

Fox News Poll Scandals 5-21-2013 Q11 breakdown redlined


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