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Obama was just joking about IRS audits, not sending signals

Obama was just joking about IRS audits, not sending signals

Oh come on, all you. Really.

How could anyone think differently?

Anyone? Buhler?

John Kass, IRS scandal a reminder of how I learned about The Chicago Way (h/t @bryanjacoutot):

I didn’t understand it all back then, but I understand it now. Once there were old bosses. Now there are new bosses. And shopkeepers still keep their mouths shut. Tavern owners still keep their mouths shut.

Even billionaires keep their mouths shut.

One hard-working billionaire whose children own the Chicago Cubs dared to open his mouth. Joe Ricketts considered funding a political group critical of Obama before last year’s campaign. Mayor Rahm Emanuel, Obama’s former chief of staff, made it clear that if the Cubs wanted City Hall’s approval to refurbish decrepit Wrigley Field, Ricketts better back off.

It happened. He backed off. It was sickening. But it was and is Chicago.

And now — with the IRS used as political muscle and the Obama administration keeping that secret until after the president was elected — America understands it too.

Kimberley Strassel, The IRS Scandal Started at the Top:

President Obama and Co. are in full deniability mode, noting that the IRS is an “independent” agency and that they knew nothing about its abuse. The media and Congress are sleuthing for some hint that Mr. Obama picked up the phone and sicced the tax dogs on his enemies.

But that’s not how things work in post-Watergate Washington. Mr. Obama didn’t need to pick up the phone. All he needed to do was exactly what he did do, in full view, for three years: Publicly suggest that conservative political groups were engaged in nefarious deeds; publicly call out by name political opponents whom he’d like to see harassed; and publicly have his party pressure the IRS to take action.

Mr. Obama now professes shock and outrage that bureaucrats at the IRS did exactly what the president of the United States said was the right and honorable thing to do. “He put a target on our backs, and he’s now going to blame the people who are shooting at us?” asks Idaho businessman and longtime Republican donor Frank VanderSloot.

Jonathan Tobin, Denial Flows Like a River at the IRS (h/t Instapundit):

Miller’s evasions and inability to face up to the enormity of this affair are bad enough. So too is the failure throughout the IRS to own up to the problem or to correct it long ago and to promote the person who appears to be among those responsible for the outrages. But the willingness of the IRS to conform its practices to the political opinions of the White House is the root cause of this scandal.

Doug Ross, BUSTED: The Complete IRS Scandal Timeline in Spreadsheet Format:

Doug Ross IRS Timeline Snippet


The Democrats and media demonized the Tea Party and Homeland Security painted smaller government groups as potential threats, and guess who gets targeted by the IRS.


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LukeHandCool | May 19, 2013 at 4:13 pm

Well, on the other hand, in all fairness, when he joked about shovel-ready jobs … nothing happened. Certainly jobs didn’t happen.

There’s enough out to “go to court”. So at this point, I want to know: what can be done. What, legally and politically, actually can be done. Because a month from now, if nothing is done (and I don’t mean merely an “investigation” and I don’t mean by Obama and company, and I don’t expect that this criminal will appoint any special prosecutor), it’s going to be as out of the news as the gunrunner scandal, as his faux birth certificate and social security number, as his wife’s astronomical spending on her personal entertainment, as the egregious and obvious voting scandals, etc. Gone.

He already stole the 2012 election. There’s another year until 2014 elections are in full swing. Everyone’s playing run-the-clock.

What can be done?

    Ragspierre in reply to janitor. | May 19, 2013 at 5:06 pm

    For one, Levin and his counterparts are going to be involved in civil litigation to get some level of compensation for those damaged by this outrage.

    We need to keep stirring the pot as these suits move forward.

    They will present new headlines and actual faces of regular people who were victims here, and that will be all to the good.

    Also, TEA party movements will be given a LOT of oxygen over all this, and we need to get out and recruit and support them.

    Further, support a special prosecutor (of which I am not normally a huge fan) to go after the IRS, root and branch.

Playing stupid, or claiming to have no knowledge or understanding of felonious activities is a time honored tactic of miscreants. They don’t know nothing. This is done because the truth is always worse than being an just another idiot.

huskers-for-palin | May 19, 2013 at 4:44 pm

Mr. Carney….don’t go walking near Fort Marcy Park.

MaggotAtBroadAndWall | May 19, 2013 at 4:47 pm

We have built a government wholly unaccountable to the people. The IRS guy who got “fired”, is still in his job drawing full salary and benefits. He will leave his position about two weeks earlier than his terms is set to expire per statute. When he retires he will be eligible for his full pension. Somebody redefined the word “fired” and I didn’t get the memo. On top of all that his testimony before Congress was contemptible. He treated the proceeding a joke.

Eric Holder refused to comply with a House subpoena investigating Fast and Furious, making him the first Attorney General in history to be cited with contempt of Congress, and he laughs it off. Obama not only refused to fire Holder, he reiterated that Holder has his full confidence.

Two different appellate courts have ruled Obama’s non-recess “recess” appointments to the NLRB unconstitutional, and Obama ignores both court decisions and tells the NLRB to proceed with business as usual. It will be interesting to see if Obama will remove them if SCOTUS affirms the appellate courts and also rule them unconstitutional.

The president’s mouthpiece, Dan Pfeiffer, went on the Sunday programs today and said Obama can’t be held accountable for the bad management of the IRS. And, he says, that after the investigation started it would have been inappropriate for the president to intervene. Pfeiffer made a similar argument about the DOJ subpoena of the AP phone records.

Our of control gangster government.

HANS A. VON SPAKOVSKY has written brilliantly over the last decade or more about the Collectivist bent of the Federal bureaucracy, from his own experience as a lawyer in the voting rights section of the DoJ.

It is appallingly clear.

Milton Friedman, decades ago, wrote “The Tyranny Of The Status Quo”, exploring the “Iron Triangle” which included the Federal bureaucrats as an integral…and very powerful…part.

As I’ve written very recently, Collectivists do not need any kind of open collusion to know how to act. They all know who and what their opponents are, and how they can impede them.

The union which represents IRS workers is reputedly rabidly Collectivist. Anybody surprised, really?

    Browndog in reply to Ragspierre. | May 19, 2013 at 9:55 pm

    What difference, at this point, does it make?!?!! (said with indignant scowl)

    The LAW is irrelevant. (said with elitist arrogance)

teapartydoc | May 20, 2013 at 6:59 am

If they get away with this the Republicans in DC will not have done their jobs and deserve to lose everything they hold dear. Where’d I leave that darn guillotine?

RReaganConservative | May 21, 2013 at 4:29 am

Why is that people think govt tyranny / fascism, is only in the history books.

The populace should be outraged, as many are, but far too many are not.. They, the general public, seem either naive, indifferent, and or apathetic, which is how a civilized democratic society goes into extinction. But one cannot escape the reality of liberal socialist marxist / fascist indoctrination has had on far too many people, whom ordinarily would be good citizens. This is the cancerous poisonous insidious seditious power of indoctrination.

There is evil in the world, naturally, but it’s not that it exists, it’s what good people do, or do not do to stop it- To ensure govt tyranny’s demise never is reality, and happens on their watch that will determine our continued Freedom and Liberty, or forever destroy the greatest nation on earth.

“I do not believe in a fate that will fall on us no matter what we do. I do believe in a fate that will fall on us if we do nothing.”
~President Ronald Reagan~