UPDATE 5-5-2013 7 a.m.— The attacks are confirmed by various sources and appear to have been Israeli air strikes against several targets in the Damascus area including a storage facility for Iranian missiles bound for Hezbollah and other Iranian-Hezbollah linked facilities. We will have a further update in a new post rounding up the news sources at about 8:30 a.m. Eastern. –> New post added, Israel bombs Syria — what we know and don’t know.


Via BBC – Explosions shake Syrian capital, DamascusC:

Large explosions are being reported in the Mount Qassioun area of the Syrian
capital, Damascus.

Syrian state TV says a military research centre has been attacked.

Mount Qassioun overlooks Damascus and is the site of military installations that have been used to shell rebel-controlled areas.

This video purports to show the explosions:

I’ll post some Twitter reports, but please take them as unconfirmed for now. There are claims by Hezbollah TV of an Israeli plane downed, but those are not confirmed:

I’m embedding a Twitter feed so you can keep track overnight, using people who are “relatively” reliable, but beware lots of false rumors circulating: [moved to new post]