Newer readers may not know about the Tip Line.  It’s not just a Tip Line, it just is named Tip Line. 

It’s a place, um, to leave tips, but it’s also a place where readers can have a conversation on topics not really covered by our regular posts, and alert others to what interests them.

Here are some examples of recent “Tips”:

  • MaggotAtBroadAndWall: “Erik Wemple calls this Roger Aisles memo to Fox employees a “masterpiece” and says it illustrates why Fox employees hold Aisles in such high regard.”
  • Ragspierre: Quoting Power Line, “But more to the point, it never ceases to amaze me when “mainstream” potentates like [Jonathan] Turley come to understand what conservatives have been saying loudly for thirty or forty years, but somehow pose as though they’ve discovered something new or are offering brilliant new insights.”
  • theduchessofkitty: “If Louis Lerner wants to save her bacon, she’s gonna have to sing like a bird.”
  • Bruno Lesky: “Menendez: Senate lacks 60 votes to pass immigration bill.”
  • donb: “Some observations on Obama’s War on Dissent.”
  • moe4: “Here is your buddy!”

Those are just a few. There currently are 3,352 “Tips” there, not to mention the 3000 or so tips which were deep sixed when Tip Line Version 1.0 was removed.

So … is it time to rename the Tip Line?

You can suggest other names in the comments, but please also vote.

Voting open until midnight Sunday, May 26: