Not Texas.

Dear Prof. Jacobson,

Well, the skies are blue, at least . . .

After “One step away from #Gosnell,” I figure we need our spirits lifted a bit, so I present the following, taken in Burns, Oregon, the other day.

Sign - Oregon - Life

Some background: Harney County, Oregon, is 10,226 sq. mi. (roughly the size of Massachusetts), and has a population of about 7,400, of which about 3/4 live in and around Burns.

As you might guess from the photo, it’s cattle ranching country. The remaining 1,850 souls (or so) are spread around the remaining 10,150 sq. mi.

Blue State Oregon is four hours to the west, on the other side of the Cascades. It’s another world away.

Kind Regards,

“Oregon Mike”