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Like a whole other, other country

Like a whole other, other country

Not Texas.

Dear Prof. Jacobson,

Well, the skies are blue, at least . . .

After “One step away from #Gosnell,” I figure we need our spirits lifted a bit, so I present the following, taken in Burns, Oregon, the other day.

Sign - Oregon - Life

Some background: Harney County, Oregon, is 10,226 sq. mi. (roughly the size of Massachusetts), and has a population of about 7,400, of which about 3/4 live in and around Burns.

As you might guess from the photo, it’s cattle ranching country. The remaining 1,850 souls (or so) are spread around the remaining 10,150 sq. mi.

Blue State Oregon is four hours to the west, on the other side of the Cascades. It’s another world away.

Kind Regards,

“Oregon Mike”


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No pic of the bumper sticker or any pic for that matter. It’s BLANK! It’s as if you could imagine a bumper sticker of your own choosing and picture it mentally in the space that is reserved for a snap shot of an actual bumper sticker.

I don’t mean to sound mean, professor, but I’m really tired atm; and really, you ought to have a picture to go with your description 🙂

    Paul in reply to Paul. | May 12, 2013 at 5:22 am

    Update: Looking good, professor! I must say, it’s refreshing to be an Oregonian. As long as I stay away from Eugene or Portland, I find that the state is otherwise quite conservative.

DINORightMarie | May 11, 2013 at 9:17 am

Similar to above. On my Firefox browser, nothing. On my iPhone, an outline of an image……not pic, nothing.

But I like the guy’s background story. It’s a lot like Virginia. Most of the state is RED; around DC, Richmond, and the eastern shore it’s BLUE.

I wonder why we keep going BLUE in these elections…..

On a lighter note, I noticed this morning that my die-hard Obama-supporting neighbor FINALLY scraped off that Obama bumper sticker!! Reminded me of this. 😀 Have a wonderful weekend.

I believe that Oregon Mike has left us the photographic equivalent of being left speechless…

Oregon Mike | May 11, 2013 at 12:12 pm

Hmmmmm. I’m speechless, too. Doesn’t show up on my browser, either.

No pic showing here either.

Not in Chrome or FireFox or IE.

I can see the photo plain as day…

A Billboard with a rancher and his wife holding a baby with the words:

Respecting ALL LIFE As A GIFT From GOD

WOW! The demonic forces of the lamestream media will be in full attack mode. Notice it is a male and female parent with their obviously naturally conceived babe and WHAT! Dare we print or say GOD in a public billboard.
WHEW! What a refreshing picture. It made my day. Baruk Hashem Adonai!

New Item: “Planned Parenthood to Attend Obama Mother’s Day Event”
…What says “Mother’s Day” better than having a mass-murdering abortionist snuff out the existence of an unborn fetus or unwanted infant? Will the d-cRAT socialist extremists rename “Mother’s Day” to “kermit gosnell day”?

Respecting ALL LIFE As A GIFT From GOD

Despite thinking that their beliefs are wrong and nonviable, I do respect Buddhists and Hindus who refuse to kill so much as a mosquito.

I also think that leftists are not the only people who deliberately distort the language for political purposes.